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  1. I have been doing so many good posts over on earwolf reddit. They love me. I'm like their Anastasia.
  2. I said Hayes was handsome on Reddit and someone down voted me, so does everyone want to find who it was and get him?
  3. I think that was when he was still being second banana to Jim Florentine. I don't know if it was ever official, but Eggs is kind of a stoned guy and Tom seemed reluctant to do weed volcanoes.
  4. Grease Nose is fuckin CRUSHING it, you guys. TIE ME TO THE BED POOOOOOOST!!
  5. BRAAAAAP and I think I just did the best one.
  6. KyleSeibel

    EPISODE 22 - U2 Talk 2 U

    HA! I thought I was going to get up early to exercise. HAHAHAHAhahaha of course I'll just listen to this instead.
  7. Hey do you guys think Adnan did it?
  8. GREAT. Now I'll be genuinely let down if this isn't the t-shirt that ends up in production.
  9. I was thinking Teach a Carrie to Fisher, She'll Leia For a Lifetime. Don't be mad at me!
  10. Why did I laugh so hard at "time to crunch some numbies?"
  11. BRAAAAP and I think I just did the best one!
  12. I thought the Squarecash ads couldn't get better. And I was very wrong about that. Side note: my yeast infection is a lot better. You can tell because I'm posting in the morning, vice 2am in between raking a dinner fork across my damn man-yam.
  13. Speaking as someone that had to cancel their 4th of July plans for a serious yeast infection, you can tell if something is infected if you can't sleep because you're itching your ding dang so much and contemplating cutting it off.
  14. That fucking dog is so fucking legit.
  15. Hey! Speaking of which, that guy wrote a movie and Big Ben the Bull is in it. Teaser legitimately doesn't look awful.
  16. It Follows. It's about a spooky yeast infection.
  17. so it's called drew techtective and he's being SUPER nerd and works for mister apple thats right steven job! but there is something happening and maybe drew thinks hey and now he's on the hunt and after he gives him a big questions he looks straight at the camera and says what are you? some kind of drew techtective? star wipe. title screen.
  18. Well, irl I'm big bike boy Lance Strongarms and I never knew my dad so I did some steroids about it.
  19. I really enjoyed this. I hope you have a great day!
  20. my big wet hot american diaper
  21. Yes but is bridge being really fun sometimes?
  22. Dear Chanson, I live on Whidbey Island and thusly fall within your dad's boat captain authority to collect taxes and "prima nocta" rights. I'm currently on Tinder and getting TONS of babes. How long after first dates does your dad have to "stuff it in and break it off?"