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    The Arrival

    Yeah, that kid is totally an alien, a fact we find out after he betrays Dr. Sheen and then his stupid legs fold backwards. It. Is. Stupid.
  2. TheBaldFish

    Snow Dogs (2002)

    The only thing I can remember about this movie is that CGjr has a white alaskan mountainman for a father and that they both share a love for blue cheese for some reason. This should be made into an episode so I can get some clarity on this memory without having to watch this turd again.
  3. TheBaldFish

    The Arrival

    Charlie Sheen is a Scientist for NASA who discovers a plot by aliens to take over the world with...global warming via greenhouse gas emissions. With the help of a streetwise teenager from L.A. and his on again, off again lover he tries to stop the aliens from tarnishing his career/kill him. Throw in some TERRIBLE CGI and a preposterously long trip to Central Mexico this movie is basically a shoe in for discussion. Seriously, Charlie Sheen plays a NASA scientist. What else really needs to be said?