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    Fan Videos

    So there is already one in the works using audio clips from the second podcast, but there will be more. I am curious, what were your some of your other favorite scenes from the podcast that might be good to animate? (Like, from the earlier Amarth/Spirit Bear episodes).
  2. cbc

    Fan Videos

    Cool, sounds like you guys wouldn't mind more scenes? I have a few other clips lined up and might put them together when I teach the class again in January. Also, would be happy to see videos by any other folks if they are out there.
  3. cbc

    Fan Videos

    Hey guys, I took a few clips from the podcast and animated them. I'm teaching a Flash Animation course and was looking for something to quickly put together as a demo for the students. I have never actually played D&D before, but listen to the show while I work and have been totally fascinated. Check them out, I might upload more later: Amarth Meets Blackee Green The Spirit Bear -CB