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  1. YEEZUS is the ALBUM of THE YEAR. I am open to debating that I am 100 correct. Yesterday during the youtube I4h, Besser had the gall to call Yeezus mediocre. Of all people, Besser should like the album the most because I4H is the Yeezus of podcasts making Besser the Kanye West of podcasts. 1.) Besser complained about the AV club not appreciating I4h. Kanye stated that people(media) are trying to minimize the influence of Yeezus the album and tour . 2.) Besser like Kanye want more than the success they've already achieved. Besser stating that corporations (EARWOLF) doesn't advertise his show and people aren't buying his standup albums. Kanye that corporations don't give him access to create bigger and better ideas, and pigeon hole him to an urban market. 3.) Besser like Kanye just had a new born thus giving them extra motivation and drive to be vocal about their dissatisfaction about their current place in their perspective mediums. Both married to actresses. 4. Besser like Kanye is respected by his peers but disrespected by the "man" by lack of opportunities to spread their genius on bigger and bigger platforms. 5. I4h like Yeezus is a first of its kind in their genres. Just like Yeezus it takes a few listens of I4h to appreciate how fucking awesome it is. The cyborgs episode is what got me hooked. No album had a bigger impact with its presentation of experimental new sound and packaging even with the lack of marketing and radio singles. Its impact showed in that someone as "nerdy" as paul rust listens to it and someone as old and presumably out of the loop as Conroy and Billy recognize the album and follow news about it. No one had on the I4h panel had bought anything new but all of them knew about the new kanye west album, Yeezus.
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    What you fail to understand is that YEEZUS perfectly describes the current social climate! There's no other album doing that currently. Thats why it should be album of the year. Its imperfections, distorted sounds, random sounds is what makes it so good. The sound describes how we are overloaded with useless information that distorts and frustrates to the point of just screaming in the middle of a song. Just take the song "I am a God", this song describes perfectly how every person thinks they're god. Every person you know has probably said "all my haters" or "fuck the haters", when that same person ain't shit but a speck of dust that changes nothing but still believes to have haters. Everyone has twitter, instagram, blah blah blah to show their "godly" opinion or show their "riches" or "artistic photographic endeavors". People have turned themselves into god in their own head with their "followers". That song by itself sums up the current piece of shit social climate.
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    Then Besser says that Jason isbell has the best album is the biggest horseshit statement...jason isbell another fucking white guy on an acoustic guitar regurgitating his impersonation of johnny cash...ohh shit your so cool you drink jack daniels and you smoke and singing existential sad songs and wear black on black shirt and jacket... yeah kanye even impacted and has influenced this fucking guy who i had to google. YEEZUS! I WIN!!!!!!!!!!