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    Short Circuit 1 or 2...or both!

    He isn't racist.. He's from Bakersfield originally but his ancestors are from Pittsburgh.
  2. Rattrap007

    The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story

    If it is written by Dustin Diamond no thanks to me seeing it. If it is an outside source or one of the other cast maybe. DD was a total douche if the stories are true and he was the one cast member everyone hated. I also love to look at later roles the cast took and see if it fits as a future for that character. Mark Paul Gossler - Zach was a fast talking teen who got into trouble then got himself out with his wits.. Now he is a fast talking lawyer who uses those wits to help clients in their legal troubles (Franklin and Bash) Tiffany Amber Theissen - Kelly Kapowski was all American girl and a cheerleader. Seemed really down to earth. She goes to college and gets art/design education and marries a FBI agent and becomes friends with his con man Criminal Informant (White Collar) Elizabeth Berkley - Jessie is the teenage feminist who protest for or against everything. Living the post college life she struggles to make ends meet and ends up sacrificing her morals and becomes a stripper (Showgirls) Mario Lopez - Played a smart good looking jock in HS, went to college and became a good looking doctor (Nip/tuck and Bold and the Beautiful) OR in another dimension became a police officer (Pacific Blue) Lark Vorhees - In and out of TV nothing I am familiar with..
  3. Rattrap007

    Blank Check (1994)

    Ok looking at some 5 star reviews on Amazon, Here is one for Paul to read: and another that is simply a review of amazon's service and not the movie:
  4. Rattrap007

    Blank Check (1994)

    Yeah seeing a picture of him grown is kinda sad. He was a cute kid in a lot of movies. Cute tiny kid on Family Ties, fairly likable kid in Blank Check, etc. Now he is freaky/creepy looking.
  5. Rattrap007

    Blank Check (1994)

  6. Rattrap007

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

    David Warner to me is like Jeffrey Combs. You can take them and put them in crap and it elevates it. Or stick them under tons of make up or behind animated form and you recognize them by their voice with ease.
  7. Rattrap007

    Blank Check (1994)

    I feel horrible for the kid in this, but in a sick way the dad DID have a point. He tried to teach money management and the value of working hard for money. The kid gets the million and within a week or so he spends it all on crap. He buys junk food, a house, water slides and trampolines. I'm not saying he should invest it, but had he just hid it in his house somewhere, spent some on video games and a new bike, then yeah he is being more responsible by not spending it all at once.
  8. Rattrap007

    HDTGM.....Video Game Edition?

    Oh I thought by the title you wanted them to play and do their thing. Considering June's confusion at "What's a street fighter?" that would be a bad idea. "What's a pac-man?"
  9. Rattrap007


    Ah but what about Pig Power in the House? Nostalgia Critic did a review a few years ago of this. Yeah PJ&J would have a field day with this.
  10. Rattrap007

    Cop and A Half (1993)

    One scene that creeped me the hell out is Burt takes a piss and the kid comes in and wants to cross streams "sword fight" with him.. WTF kid? I Hated the kids. He was a pain in the ass. Poor Burt.. You were the Bandit man!
  11. Rattrap007

    Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)

    It is on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-6MTEu6IR4
  12. Rattrap007

    Which movies have you seen/own?

    Ok here is what I own: Godzilla Judge Dredd Punisher War Zone Green Lantern Batman and Robin (Batman box set) Spidey 3 Sleepaway Camp (BOX SET!!) Howard the Duck ($5 bin at WM) Street Fighter Demolition Man Over the Top (also because of rifftrax) Road House Superman III (box set) Hudson Hawk Earnest Goes to Jail (box set for $5 with Camp and Scared Stupid) Own because of Rifftrax: The Room Battlefield Earth Birdemic Wicker Man Catwoman Twilight Films (ONLY reason) Last Airbender As far as "Seen" I'll have to make a list for that later. These are just ones I own.
  13. Rattrap007

    Which Movies Does HDTGM Absolutely Need To Review?

    One of my top picks is Knowing (2009). This is one movie I think needs to be done. There is a local store where you can buy used DVDs cheap. $3 cheap. Buy 5 get 1 free. I picked up a bunch and this was one. Seemed like an interesting film. Cage tries to prevent disasters when his son finds some old pages of numbers in a time capsule. Each set of numbers refer to a date, death toll, and location. Cage wants to try to prevent the ones that haven't occurred yet because the last set refers to the end of the world... then in the last little bit it goes bat shit insane when the mysterious strangers watching in the shadows turn out to be ALIENS! (Holy Frig they were aliens!) They want to gather special people to take them to another planet. Cage's son is one of them, but he is not. The son is taken, Cage is left behind and the world is destroyed. What really gets me is the end. We saw Cage's son and the main woman's daughter (both around 10) left on this new alien world. We saw lots of other space ships leave earth, but assuming this is the typical people taken, then all we have are young kids. Young kids left on an alien world with no adults left to fend for themselves. So basically instead of dying quickly on Earth these kids die slowly of exposure/starvation/killed by animals. Plus if they are taken from various countries, then you got language barriers. If it was kids and their parents you got people to teach the kids how to make shelter/hunt/cook/etc. So yeah those kids are dead. Next on my list of must see, The Wizard. Basically a giant Nintendo commercial. June will be so confused it will be madness. Plus you get the infamous "He touched my breasts!" line (With the guy later on the phone saying "She doesn't even have breasts..") Third would be The Happening. Flat mute acting, killer tree spores, Marky Mark apologizing to a plastic plant.. What is their not to love.. Other picks: Leonard Part 6 The Toy
  14. Rattrap007

    House 2: The Second Story

    Don't forget Cowboy Grandpa is played by old western actor Paul Dano. Also don't forget that the first had George Wendt aka Norm from Cheers and this features John Ratzenberger aka Cliff Clavin from Cheers. I agree. This and perhaps Waxwork II. Waxwork 2 is similar to this. Take a horror film, create a film sequel, but make it a comedy too. Waxwork II is awesome because it parodies countless classic horror films from a Dracula film, Frankenstein, Dawn of the Living Dead (70s), Alien, House on Haunted Hill, etc. Even has Bruce Campbell getting abused in a slapstick way.
  15. Rattrap007


    Hugo was a good film... so no.
  16. Rattrap007

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    I hope they do more Ernest films. Scared Stupid and Save Christmas would be good. Scared stupid has a great bit in it. He was about to give up and not try to fight the troll.. He then is convince either by a kid or the dog to fight back "your right. I've never give up. Why I don't know when to quit. Just ask my 4th grade teacher.." (Cut to this bit)
  17. Rattrap007

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    I don't think that Earnest was "special", he was just a moron. Although I don't think the films are all connected, but one movie might explain it. In Earnest Scared Stupid, his 19th century ancestor helped capture and imprison a troll who stealing the souls of children. The troll cursed the ancestor that his blood line would become dumber and dumber with each generation... cut to Earnest.
  18. Rattrap007

    Escape From L.A. (1996)

    No mention of Bruce Cambell as the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills?
  19. Rattrap007

    Leonard Part 6

    You guys watch Joe Don Baker movies?
  20. Rattrap007

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Anyone else notice in the French Restaurant scene the Waiter is faking the accent? Watch it again. He does the accent until the Chef scolds him for not telling them their good friend Rip was their. Then says "Monsieur la who?" in a real southern drawn at who part. He is faking the accent to try to be more authentic. It is at about 21 minutes in.
  21. Rattrap007

    Top picks for guest

    Bruce Campbell Mike Nelson
  22. Rattrap007

    The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

    Seen it. Loved it. "I want to see women's boobs!" - Cobra Commander
  23. Rattrap007

    The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

    1.) Sharkticons 2.) Which song? 3.) Odd considering they were made by Hasbro.. 4.) But he is played by John Bender! 5.) Did you see the size of him at that time? He WAS the size of a planet.. probably devoured them too. Perfect casting.. 6.) What puns? I don't remember car puns. 7.) Agreed..
  24. Rattrap007

    Episode 84.5 — Minisode 84.5

    Color of night next episode? What about Mr. Nanny?