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  1. I recently ordered this from Amazon and had not seen it in well over 20 years. Yeah it is really dumb. Only one or two amusing jokes. He has an atrium in his apartment. The lady activates the watering cycle. Lights flash, there is thunder and odd music. Bobcat screeches that "it's like a disco for ferns."


    One joke I never really got as a kid was when the go visit the horse's parents. Their barn has a human shoe nailed above the door. Kind of a reverse of the lucky horseshoe above the door.

  2. Check out Kung Fury. It is on YouTube and it is glorious. It is a crowd funded Swedish film. It is a mock 80s film where they took the insanity and cranked it up to a million.


    Kung Fury is a 80s Miami cop and the chosen one Kung fu master. He travels back in time to fight Hitler aka Kung Fuehrer.


    It is only 30 minutes long, but so enjoyable. Hasselhoff has a bit part in it. This is totally bonkers.







    Full film

  3. I don't think that 3 or 4 are horrible. I love 3 myself. Four seems more to based on the joke of "what if we took burt gummer, and made him a wimp". Four is definitely the weakest of the series. Easy to skip.


    Tremors 1 - Tons of fun

    Tremors 2 - Great sequel and lots of great humor

    Tremors 3 - Decent sequel but becomes more of the same. Good return to Perfection

    Tremors 4 - Easy to skip. Tremors in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

  4. Kelsey- troll2 to looks promising. That DVD artwork is really something, Else. Thank you Microsoft paint.


    Do I need to watch the first one to get the full gist of it?


    Or is it like grownups 2 I can just dive in.


    Troll 2 is completely separate. No connection. Watch it by itself. Troll 1 is a worthy watch as well. But Troll 2 is all kinds of bad.

  5. Ernest Scared Stupid- terrifying for all the wrong reasons.


    Can June withstand another bout with Varney's sheer sexual magnetism?


    I agree on this one. It is outlandish, hilarious, and dips into the Earnest well again.


    Other suggestions:


    Chopping Mall

    Another Sleepaway Camp

    House/House II





    Just got reminded of Troll and Troll 2. BOTH need to be done.


    Troll - You get Sonny Bono, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Noah Hathaway (Atreyu from Never ending Story) as Harry Potter Jr., Michael Moriarity, Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati) and June Lockhart! A troll kidnaps a girl and changes himself to look like her and goes apartment to apartment changing residents into fairy creatures.


    Troll 2 - Best worst movie ever and not a single Troll in the entire film... we get Goblins. A cult classic that has to be seen to be believed.

  6. http://www.imdb.com/...101455/combined


    Been a LONG time since i've seen this but it is a weird little family movie.


    Circus dog runs away and meets a young boy. The boy can't keep it because Dad is allergic. The dad is a kicker for a pro football team and has just been traded so they are moving across the country. The dog is following and gets into adventures along the way.

    This movie has some really odd things to mock:


    -- The boy is named Chuckie and has an OLDER brother named Chickie.. Chickie? And this kid was named BEFORE Chuckie? Oooohkaaay..


    -- The dog testifies in a court. The stenographer then reads back the testimony in barks.


    -- The dog and boy meet when the kid crashes his bike in the woods and is knocked unconcious in a small stream. The dog drags him out and resuscitates him by jumping onto his chest. The boy passes out again. The boy awakes to find himself stripped to his underwear, clothes hung on a clothes line drying with a nearby fire and a tent (iirc). Manzoukus will call that the boy was raped and I am inclined to believe him.

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  7. I don't know how you guys didn't mention the absolute insane PEDOPHILE subplot.


    Where unlike most kids movies where the love interest is age appropriate - we have a kid (10 years old), and an FBI agent (let's say 27 and that's being generous). Now sure they go on a "date" and for most part it's the kid being blind and oblivious- but at the end- she DOES KISS HIM. And they agree to meet up in 6 years!? So she'll be 33 and he'll be 16.


    The problem is that it doesn't come off as creepy as it should be for two reasons.


    1. Any scene where they "talk"- they are the only ones in the scene. If anyone witnessed how either of them acted- they would be called out to stop being idiots. Or in her case a pedophile.


    2. It wouldn't be as bad as if the genders were reversed. Imagine if it was a "male" FBI agent saying "meet me in 6 years" -- TO A 10 YEAR OLD GIRL!



    I took it as he was 11 and JUST turned 12 in the last bit. In the last day of the movie it is his birthday. So yeah he'd just turn 18 in 6 years. Still creepy, but he'd just turn of age.


    Definitely not. I think it's supposed to be a GW Bailey look-a-like, but it's not a very good one.


    Also, how hilarious is it they used a cardboard cutout of Steve Guttenberg? It's odd to think there was a time when Guttenberg was such hot shit he could turn down music video cameos.


    I don't think it is actually Laroquette just that it looks a lot like him to me. Look at the facial expressions. Reminds me a lot of Dan Fielding. Guess that it is the whole court room setting reminding me of Night Court.

  9. If it is written by Dustin Diamond no thanks to me seeing it. If it is an outside source or one of the other cast maybe. DD was a total douche if the stories are true and he was the one cast member everyone hated.


    I also love to look at later roles the cast took and see if it fits as a future for that character.


    Mark Paul Gossler - Zach was a fast talking teen who got into trouble then got himself out with his wits.. Now he is a fast talking lawyer who uses those wits to help clients in their legal troubles (Franklin and Bash)

    Tiffany Amber Theissen - Kelly Kapowski was all American girl and a cheerleader. Seemed really down to earth. She goes to college and gets art/design education and marries a FBI agent and becomes friends with his con man Criminal Informant (White Collar)

    Elizabeth Berkley - Jessie is the teenage feminist who protest for or against everything. Living the post college life she struggles to make ends meet and ends up sacrificing her morals and becomes a stripper (Showgirls)

    Mario Lopez - Played a smart good looking jock in HS, went to college and became a good looking doctor (Nip/tuck and Bold and the Beautiful) OR in another dimension became a police officer (Pacific Blue)


    Lark Vorhees - In and out of TV nothing I am familiar with..

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  10. Ok looking at some 5 star reviews on Amazon, Here is one for Paul to read:


    Like a young Paul Newman, Brian Bonsall bursts onto the screen in his first full-length feature like an acting tsunami. And his acting chops are so powerful that he leaves lots of damage in his wake (much like the horribly tragic real-life tsunamis).


    If you haven't seen this wonderful comedy yet, you must check it out immediately. Any hesitation on your part will only lead to minutes of your life that are ticking away in sorrow and despair.


    The plot of this movie is that Brian Bonsall gets a lot of money and--whoo boy!--that's when the fun kicks in. What will this little kid do with all the money? Well, you better get this movie now and find out!!! Hint: he spends it on things.


    I wish Skippy were in it too.




    and another that is simply a review of amazon's service and not the movie:



    DVD came in great condition, and it also came before the expected delivery date. Amazon were great in tracking my package i knew were it was every minute of the day. And as i say in every review, I will Definatley be shopping with AMAZON again!!

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