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    The Best of Nerd Poker

    NerdPoker 58 - Change of Scenery Damien Speech... What I wanted to say was, that upon reflecting, Your words weighed heavy and that I understand. But just so *you* understand, I don't look at things the way you people seem to. Because of the way I was raised and because of what I believe, What that man did, is a, he was trying to kill us, and , in my religion, we are about self, we are about preservation of self, and because of that, sometimes i don't think of how the group would react. I just met you, I don't know any of you, I am gonna go on this path with you, because now I am all about killing the old man that put me on the boat. And then at some point maybe we will part ways, I will not try to step on any feet in the future, or let you know if I'm gonna have a drag?? and kill somebody
  2. SukhwantAtwal

    Gerry here. You'll be hearing my stupid voice again soon.

    Love and miss you Gerry Ken: Whoo, watch out Gerry looks likes Elras has taken a shine to ya... Ohhh....Elras straight!
  3. SukhwantAtwal

    EPISODE 149 β€” Ambassador of Evil

    It's only been a week and I already miss Elzid Falconcrow...that crazy half-elven / half-samoan bastard!
  4. SukhwantAtwal

    EPISODE 146 β€” Moon Festival Pt. 2

    Some input for this debate:- Sark's Campaign - 'The Planet of Skulls' - 73 episodes Blaine's Campaign - 'Against the Muther-Fecking Giants' - 71 episodes So we're about due a campaign change?....
  5. SukhwantAtwal

    Best moment since Blaine became DM

    I like the bit with the seaborne invasion of undersea-house-sized-goldfish-monsters...but we kinda never find out where that was all going...
  6. SukhwantAtwal

    Episode 96 β€” Sweet Potatoes

  7. SukhwantAtwal

    Episode 88 β€” Shooting Fish With A Barrel

    Steve: 'looks like Normandy beach...' Brian: 'Yeah and we're the Germans'
  8. SukhwantAtwal

    Episode 84 β€” Chevy Chase’s Land Shark

    Are we talking about 'Gerry' or Gerry's character?
  9. SukhwantAtwal

    Episode 81 β€” Through the Church

    Also it's a party consisting of 1 fighter, 1 thief & 2 mages (and 1 one of those has 1 HP) so the baddies *have* to be easy
  10. SukhwantAtwal

    Episode 67 β€” Rat Trap

    It's a Rat Trap! ...and you've been caught! erm...are the BoomTown Rats on the Nerd Poker Proscribed Music List?
  11. SukhwantAtwal

    Big Thank You to Mildred/Sarah for being an Unsung Hero.

    I always see hear Sarah as the voice of sanity during the episode. Her reaction to Brian's little speech recently (the "I'm evil but I'm trying really hard to not upset you guys" one) was fantastic.