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    Next R U Talking Series

    It's probably already been mentioned, but how about the Beastie Boys?
  2. OrigamiMami

    Apocalypse Now

    I think there may be a degree or two of extra consideration given for personal relations with the creator(s) of a movie, I don't think it does much beyond that. Ultimately, I think any viewer thinks, "did this movie get traction with me?" "Was I immersed?" "Did this movie change my perspective or thoughts on a topic?" If any one of us had the say of what should or should not be in the top 100, we would be self critical of ourselves. Asking ourselves, whether it was a personal feeling for the creator or is the movie actually important. And I am interested in the Psycho episode. Amy has already made it known that she likes Hitchcock. If yelling obscenities at a woman in AN is a terrible thing, where will she be with the slaughter of a woman in Psycho? That's a harsh statement on my part, I'm open to the blowback. How do you reconcile the one, and then be critical of the other?
  3. OrigamiMami

    Apocalypse Now

    Interesting. The story in Platoon is a lot easier to digest. I did yell a warning at the screen, in both Platoon and Full Metal Jacket, there are things you don't touch and grab, and it happens in both movies, and each time I saw someone grab objects, I yelled, "no." So I was immersed in those movies. I think I lean on Apocalypse Now, simply because it came around, for me, at a younger age.
  4. OrigamiMami

    Apocalypse Now

    Sorry if it seems I'm piling on Amy and Paul, their perspective shows that there is another audience, other than myself. So they are fine. So where some folks find scenes as gratuitous, myself finds them as important to the story. To be clear, I'm not finding any great issue with how the episode went. Time for me to be gratuitous, and adding nothing to this thread at all: More of what's inside Apocalypse Now: Willard's (Sheen) fuck up: Willard has been traveling on the boat, reading the dossier, and has seen other guys with his same mission go after Kurtz. The one he mentions on the boat was Colby. We see Colby in a picture and he's clean cut. We see a moment later a message he mailed his wife to sell everything, because he's not coming back. When the crew of the boat step into Kurtz' compound, they are presented with a guy in camo, brandishing a weapon. (look up brandish, its ways people hold weapons that are considered threatening) Willard identifies Colby, and says "Colby." At this point Colby would go back to Kurtz and say, "he is here to assassinate you, just like I was." Willard would have known he fucked up, and should have left at the first opportunity, or at least Kurtz should have distanced himself from the compound. Doesn't matter, Willard fucked up by saying the word "Colby." The heads in the Kurtz Compound: First and foremost, anyplace you quarter your troops, you have to think sanitation. Disease will run rampant, so you don't want rotting anything around. You end up with rats & flies and that just helps broadcast disease, plus there is also the smell. The heads and corpses are not trophies of dead enemies, these are friendlies within the compound that have run afoul of Kurtz, the display is a warning to the rest of the tribe to not go against Kurtz' mission. That is just laying out Chef's demise. We know that Chef is wound too tight. Willard goes to leave the boat, and leave Chef behind, he tells Chef that if he was not back by such'n such time, that Chef was to call in the fire mission. The fire mission would be a B52 strike on the Kurtz Compound. Chef's fuck up: When it comes to radio etiquette, you operate the radio by not talking on it. You listen to it. Its what I knew as "radio listening silence." You have to always treat your transmissions as something that can be heard by everyone, well, because its a radio. The enemy can fix on you, and determine your strength by the amount of transmissions and how strong your signal is. I would imagine that Kurtz' group would have been monitoring for any radio traffic coming off the boat. If Chef operated the radio correctly, he would have looked at his watch, determined Willard was not back, and sent: Chef: "Almighty Almighty, this is PBR Streetgang fire mission over." Almighty: "PBR Streetgang, this is Almighty, fire mission over." Then chef would give the coordinates. Full stop, that is it. Instead, what happens is, Chef gets scared early and does a radio check. Big no-no. He de-cloaked the boat, and was quickly seized upon by the camp. He never called in the mission. He fucked up. He got himself killed. A radio check is unnecessary. If Chef does not hear a response from Almighty, he would still call in the mission, and treat his lack of hearing a response as "I think my ability to hear is jacked, but I'm going to keep calling in the mission." There would be other technical things like making sure you are on the proper frequency for that date and time, but that would have been in the instructions Willard gave to Chef. So now you have Willard, tied down in the rain at night, and Kurtz puts Chef's head on his lap. That is Kurtz giving Willard One Last Chance to join the camp. The head, just like the other heads are a message from within the camp, to stay in line with Kurtz. Amy and Paul talked a bit about what the screenwriter and Coppola were going for, but whoever gave military advice did a great job. Because it does leave a guy like me (that has some background) going, "that's a, cleverly designed element in the story." I'm not so sure your regular film audience is identifying those things. I think some of those elements would look to a first time viewer as over-the-top shock elements that don't move the story. They actually do help. (except for the redux with the French colonials. That whole scene in redux is straight up bloating & muddying the story.) << I apologize to anyone that appreciates that scene and differs with my opinion, but IMO redux adds nothing to the original movie. Like I said earlier, I do have problems with the ending, because Coppola does not permit the original ending to exist, which is the the destruction of the compound. I think all we see now is a black screen with credits. Kurtz writes in his memoir, to Willard, to "kill them all." I would expect there should have been an onscreen epiphany by Kurtz, that we would have seen, that would help us to understand why Kurtz is asking for this. Clearly Willard saying to him, "I don't see any method, at all." Is not enough to sway Kurtz, because Kurtz just sat there. Its not like Kurtz woke up, walked out onto the veranda, over looking the compound, cup of morning joe in his hand, and said to himself, "Jesus Christ, what the fuck am I doing? No wonder they want me dead." Oh well, I'm just an old man, its early in the morning here, so I guess I'll just grab my own cup of coffee, step out onto the veranda, scratch my belly, and think to myself. "how much did I drink last night?" Peace to you all.
  5. OrigamiMami

    Apocalypse Now

    Apocalypse Now is my favorite movie. So I'll go ahead and admit to my crime. I waited a day to post a response to the episode, because as I was hiking and listening to it, I was wondering if I was listening to a a review of the movie, or listening to an episode regarding all the background information (making, financing, producers, editors...), and even a review about a pseudo-documentary about the making of AN. (If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the doc made by Coppola's daughter? And if that is true, I think Coppola is hamming it up for her.) I saw the Heart if Darkness doc when it was in the theater, and I only remember that I felt Coppola was a bad actor. I'm 55, so I saw the movie back when the original ending was the fire mission on Kurtz' compound, which has since been deleted in all the redo's of AN. Kurtz leaves the note in his memoir to Willard to kill them all. So in the end, Willard is actually following the order of Kurtz. Why Coppola removed the scene is lost on me. (then again Coppola went on to make "Wind", so maybe he just wanted to make turds) Back to the ep. The idea that Americans in war are white hat wearing good guys that spread glad tidings, and that the movie makers should somehow be ashamed that they presented scenes of women being objectified, isn't true to the culture in which the movie was made, or the reality of sending Playboy Bunnies to a combat area. I was in an infantry division, the Big Red One. This is the early 80's (so just a few years after AN comes out), but back then there were NO WOMEN IN COMBAT UNITS, just guys. The average age for these young men in Vietnam was 19. Nothing more than kids. The only time we saw women was when we were in the rear, and went to bars, and the only women around were strippers. So you end up with 20,000~ young guys having only a look at a handful of women and your interaction is to throw $1 bills at them. Its a business transaction between the woman and the men. Its distressing, Guys are yelling, its been months since a woman has even looked in their or our direction. You are yelling just so you can gain some sort of attention and validation from someone or something outside of your world. So I understand why they are yelling obscenities at the women, but you can't look at these scenes with 2018 sensibilities, they are desperate to be be seen. Why the desperation? There was no email, the ability to even find a telephone is scarce to impossible. There is no skype. As time goes by, you get fewer and fewer letters from home. As a soldier you are cranking out letters all the time, but families and friends trail off. You live to see the mail distribution guy, you have a lot of hope that you will get mail, but when your name isn't called, you're gutted. When days without mail turns into weeks & months you lose your sense of importance in the world. You become a non-person. You existence isn't even validated by loved ones. So the yelling and obscenities is desperation for validation. If someone from the world can at least see you, its enough to get you through another day. One time I got to see a USO show. Its important to point out, the soldiers do not get to dictate what act or acts they see. I know for the one show I saw, we weren't told anything beyond "Its a USO show." We've been in the Mojave for a month, get back to the rear, and are now going to a USO show. Half an infantry division. All young guys, haven't seen a woman in well over a month, Russians are in Afghanistan, so we get switched from winter training to desert training, this is under Reagan, Casper Weinberger is in attendance, and the act they put on the stage was an all girl dance school. So you have a couple adult women wearing their tight dancer outfits, and clearly this is a dance school, because there is also a lot of kids wearing leotards dancing on the stage. Guys are screaming for the adult women's attention, but make no mistake, its awkward that they brought children into this environment. I'm in the back, I can barely see anyways, and the guys in my platoon are looking at each other, because those were kids. Finally the dance recital ends, and the one adult woman comes back out on stage wearing a skimpy burlesque outfit, and slinks around the stage for ten minutes while the song "Hey Big Spender" blares over the PA. Guys are screaming, but its obvious the clothes are staying on, who cares, we just want out of the field. My platoon is about a football field away. Its all odd, and out of place, but the soldiers are not the organizers, and they are going to behave in a way that a group of rowdies behave. Because all we know about women is you throw dollar bills at them, just hoping they acknowledge you. "Fuck on the front of their helicopters," the line in the movie's meaning was just as it was presented, when you are in the business of murder, why draw the line at the word "fuck?" When I was in, we wore the steelpot helmet, on top of that steelpot is a cloth camo cover to hold down the fabric cover was a thin elastic band. Usually guys would put their last name on the band, or the name of their favorite bands, or maybe peace signs or religious symbols. I wrote the word "FUCK." Now by 1983, not many people had seen Apocalypse Now. Not many soldiers had a video tape player, cable TV, (I think when Back to the Future came out on VHS it cost $80.00, so you need to remember that you can't view Apocalypse Now with 2018 perspective.) So I caught shit from officers, because they didn't like "FUCK" on my camo band, so they made me flip it to the other side (where they probably thought things got better), but on the reverse side of the camo band I wrote "YOU." Guys like me would be labeled as bad attitude, and was constantly in need of adjustment. The Do Long Bridge scene. Do Long Bridge would be a bridge that is being pointlessly rebuilt and friendly troops killed, because it would be a meat grinder. You send your troops with bad attitudes to meat grinders. When Roach is asked by Willard, if he he knew who was in charge, Roach's response of "yeah," meant that their was no official leadership, and Roach considered himself to be in charge. Why? Because the panicked soldier Willard is talking to is firing a 50 cal into a pile of bodies, but he can't kill the guy that is taunting them from underneath those bodies. (the VC soldier clearly yells "Hey GI, fuck you!" They call Roach over, who had been sleeping through all this, comes over with his M79 grenade launcher, turns down the radio, and without having a visual of the enemy, by simply hearing where the VC's voice killed him with that grenade. Its badass. That's skill, so when Roach says "yeah" its Roach knowing he's badass. (I should reel myself in, I said I had a bad attitude and guys with bad attitudes would be sent to meat grinders, my attitude might never register on anyone's radar, because no one wants to be in that situation). Point being they send expendables to meat grinders. Putting off a day to respond, its a dick move on my part to review a review, but after this word blast, it boils down to me saying, that AN can not be viewed with 2018 sensibilities. When the movie came out, there were only a couple other movies that were about Vietnam. Coming Home, Green Berets, and some Burt Lancaster movie. So the perspective AN gives, is a perspective that was unknown to a global audience. A perspective only a few years removed from the end of the war. It was so recent, that even when I served, I was getting called names, and hissed at in airports. I stopped wearing my uniforms on planes because of the abuse. As far as the reduxes and alternate endings, Coppola should admit those as failures, and go back to the original ending of the destruction of the compound during the credits. * I came back to edit a little bit. It was early in the morning when I posted, and I was still a wittle sweepy. Paul, I think you mentioned that you had done some USO shows, glad that whoever organizes the new shows, follows Harris Wittels' adage "mother fuckers just want to laugh." The organizers probably told Paul to shake as many hands, and say hello to everyone that he could. Those things go a long way to to buoy a kid's spirit, and each spirit you lifted made that a good day. So thank you for your service Paul.
  6. OrigamiMami

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    I still need to listen to this ep of HDTGM, but I put this elsewhere on the internet, so just a c&p move on my part: Watching it right now. This thing has Burt Reynolds production all over it. Hal Needham as the director, he is really a stunt coordinator guy (or was since he has since passed). Alfie Wise, the weaselly guy that props up Jack Weston, is from my hometown in central PA, and as such is someone you look for in a Burt Reynolds movie. Really Alfie's character isn't even needed, but for whatever reason he shows up in these Burt Reynolds/Hal Needham movies. I like the part towards the end when Cru does his paper route, throws the newspaper before the clock hits a quarter-after, the woman inside is happy for him, then turns and walks away from the newspaper like, "glad the kid got here in time, but fuck that paper." At 1 hour 17 minute look for the little sister character attempts to grab Lori Loughlin's arm, but goes b00b instead. In the early races, Cru runs off track, and rejoins the race down the track, this would actually have earned him a disqualification, and his results tossed. while its not illegal to leave the circuit, you do have to rejoin where you left the circuit. (I raced way back in the day.)
  7. OrigamiMami

    Episode 336 - The Music Episode: Sklarbro Mixtape 2016

    Holy backlog of podcasts Batman! Finally got around to listening to this ep, a little over halfway thru, and I've bought 4 of the songs!
  8. OrigamiMami

    Episode 148.5 - Minisode 148.5

    From the tin-hat, grassy knoll gunmen department, go back to the no name caller at 6:15 into the ep, and ask yourself "could this be Nic Cage?" Like farting in a crowded room & walking away, I am out of here.
  9. OrigamiMami

    Episode 303.5 - Sklarbro County 208

    Animal House pet store in St Pete. (Animal House uses an old Pizza Hut building) https://goo.gl/maps/Tk2cEfU5BWK2 We go there all the time! Although you do have to go passed the cash register to enter and leave. They have animals packed in everywhere. In the last year the store has done more to secure the animals, they still have folks walk in, uncage an animal, turn and walk out the door. 28th Street is also known as US19, and has six lanes of traffic just a few feet from the front door. 28th Street (US19) is also known for it's abundance of hooker motels, transients, and a lot of people who have fallen off the matrix. So a neck tattoo walking in the door and heading for the snake aquariums is not a big deal. The store gets a lot of foot traffic. Hilarious to hear about my city on the podcast. And if you want an indication of online game viewing, go to twitch.tv
  10. OrigamiMami

    Episode 303 - Sauvignon LeBlanc

    The best interpreter of all time: Andrea with permit http://heebmagazine.com/assets_from_cakephp/uploaded_photos/andrea_rosen_2_872.jpg
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    Episode 299.5 - Sklarbro County 205

    2066 Belcher Largo, FL. 16 minutes away, feel like I need to go do a man-on-the-street interview of a mailbox.
  12. OrigamiMami

    Episode 298.5 - Sklarbro County 204

    I'm liking this Mike Lawrence guy more and more! It came up early in the ep, that a couple folks walked during the Sklars recent outing. Which brings up the topic, that audiences today need to be read a Code of Conduct, before each show. The entertainer entertains, it is not the responsibility of the audience to have a voice during the show. Unless the comedian has specifically requested feedback. Scary night in Tampa, when we went to see David Cross just a few nights ago. The show was in a theatre, not a bar. The theatre sells alcohol, which in any other town isn't a problem, but this is Tampa. Florida. David started about 15 minutes late, I assume it was because the liquor sales line was extremely long. No opener, just David. Early in David's set he notices there are empty seats in the front row, and invites people to move up and fill in. A couple people do, and David is pleased. Ten minutes later an usher comes up to the couple and bounces them back. David stops the show, because he realizes the usher has pulled the audience's attention. The usher explains to David that the rightful owners of the seats have arrived. The rightful owners walk up, and they are both holding drinks. David remarks to them that they interrupted the show because they had to get drinks, and now he has to explain the joke he was setting up to them. David continues on with his set, and periodically a drunk woman is yelling out arguments to David. David is hoping that maybe he can mine some gold from the drunken woman, but he can't because the woman is not clever. She is only negating what he is saying. The woman should have been removed. David marches on, a few minutes later the woman again is yelling nonsense, and now throws her drink towards the stage. Only she was about 20-25 rows back, so it splatters the audience. Finally the theatre removes her. But that is not the end. If you know how David works, you know how he leans on topics. His topics turn to election year issues. A joke about Trump, a couple minutes about Cruz, and the entire row/section behind us stands up and walks out. That would be the second row. That's about 6 people that stood up together, and walked out. You know what? They handled it correctly. The show wasn't their cup of tea, and they walked. David didn't say anything. That was a tidy sum of money (2nd row seats) that walked. It made me think, "how did this group of people spend that amount of money, and NOT know how a David Cross gig is going to go?" He has plenty of recorded stand-up. The guy has been around a long time. I can't blame alcohol for them walking, they are just baseline ignorant of the entertainer they invested in watching. David continues on. Things get scary. "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE, KILL YOUR IDOLS, THE LAST ONE IS THE RECLUSE!" Is just part of a screed that is hollered out from the 2nd or 3rd level. David now stops, because the words aren't attached to what is going on in the show. But he wants to know what the guy just yelled. Again, "FREEDOM ISN'T FREE, KILL YOUR IDOLS, THE LAST ONE IS THE RECLUSE!" Supposedly people in the area begin to scurry to the exits, this was hostile stuff this guy was yelling. Not sure if David's wife was there, but a woman (who I assumed to be his wife) came from backstage, and stood far to the side, but at the side of where David was. Another woman, this time a staff member of the theatre also took a position just to the side. David then announced that there was a finish to the joke he was telling, but he wasn't going to finish, and that people can hear the ending in his next special that was filming in a few days. He tells one last joke, says "good night"and takes a picture of the audience. In that picture is also a low mounted clock. He was probably ending the show ten minutes earlier than usual. He steps off to the side, the house lights stay off, which means he's coming right back out. Most of the crowd is heading out the door. We stay at our seats. David comes out, tells one last joke to an exiting crowd. He's not coming back to the Tampa Bay area ever again. You blew it alcohol, you blew it Tampa. This is why we can't have nice things. The audience is not the show. http://www.tampabay....e-straz/2273620
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    Episode 298 - Public Frenemy

    Whoa, Pete Rose is a triggerword. How about this for Pete Rose, the day after he passes away, induct him into the HOF? I have no problem with that. How about this for any-and-all Hall of Famers, when a person who has already been inducted into a HOF screws up (looking at you Warren Sapp), you take their bust off display and put it in an unlit utility closet (the place where mops and crap are stored) and you leave it for a few years. Visitors don't get to see it. If the janitor wants to take a selfie with the bust while pressing his penis to the forehead of the statue - have at it. It captures the best interest of all involved. The player gets to continue to say that he is in the HOF, even though his bus is stored in the shame shack. The HOF no longer has to do the dance around the sore spot, they show that they are maintaining the integrity of the true hall of famers that know how to act like good people. And visitors can get a picture taken with the janitor who pressed his penis to the forehead of Warren Sapp's bust.
  14. OrigamiMami


    a grenade in slow motion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5kaNanGV0I threw a couple m67's back when I was in the army. Heavy, very dense metal. Powerful. Had a scary situation in basic training while on the range for the first time. You get about a week of training on grenades, before you ever touch a live one. Day after day, time and time again, you are drilled the same routine: These are spoken instructions said to you, and acted out in class. 1) "take grenade" - you take the grenade from the range officer. 2) "grasp pin" - you put your finger through the pin ring. 3) "pull pin"- you pull the pin out 4) "drop pin" - I guess people get confused about which hand is holding something, so you have to toss the pin. 5) "throwing position" - you get into a body posture like you are making a throw from the outfield. 6) ""throw grenade" - you chuck the grenade at a telephone pole that is down range, and duck down behind the cement barrier. easy peasy. Except... I step up to throw my grenade 1) "take grenade" I take the grenade 2) "grasp pin" - yep, I got the pin. 3) "pull pin" - yeah! let's do this thing! 4) "DROP IT" - (thought the following to myself) WHAT? Drop what? The most important "it" in my life right now is the grenade, does this guy really want me to drop the grenade on my foot? I'm in basic, I'm supposed to follow ever order given to me. I look at my hands, and see the hand with the pin and figure I'll just shake this off my finger first, see how that goes, and if he still wants me to drop the grenade he can just tell me then. I drop the pin. 5) "throwing position" - you know how the rest of this goes... Boom goes the dynamite. A week of training, using the same commands, and it's on the range with live grenades (and me being a noob), that the range officer decides to go casual. Grenades are very powerful.
  15. OrigamiMami

    Episode 292 - Second-Hand Watch Store

    Haha, you guys are on top of it! You all were talking about whether gay people would be interested in boxing, UFC, stuff like that, and I'm thinking surely they will talk about Bob Mould. Nope. You guys call Manny (I love you), and the show ends. But hold on you wrap up the ep with Bob Mould's - Wishing Well! Holy crap, I don't know if that tune was a Sklar buddy suggestion, or the engineer made the same connection. But well done! From Bob's wiki "Mould is a passionate wrestling fan and was previously a writer for WCW."
  16. OrigamiMami

    Episode 288 - The Worm is Feeling the Bern

    Starting off Fridays in the best way, with the Sklar Buddies! If you came here first before listening to the ep, you are in for the best song you will ever hear. It will stay in your head long after the ep is over. That Panther rap is possibly the best thing ever, and should probably be the half-time show. #Earworm
  17. OrigamiMami

    Episode 286 - Danzig Pile of Bricks

    Great to hear Jonah on a podcast again. Seems like I don't hear him much anymore on nerdist - I take it Jonah is a little busy? (yes he is) Chris is the interview lead on nerdist, but Jonah would always pop-in with the granular, I'm-a-fan question. Glad to hear he has projects coming!
  18. Is there a track listing for this ep? I bought the Car Seat Headrest album, but I want to delve deeper into the others before I pull the trigger. The musictape ep cries out for a summer edition (or should I say Summah?).
  19. OrigamiMami


    Your Florida tale triggered a flashback of sorts. The wife and I were driving down to Key West, and part of the trip is on Alligator Alley. Along that stretch we had to stop at a convenience store which had a large plywood sign (6'x6' or larger) with the hand painted words "NO MUD", posted next to the front door. Ok, a quick self check revealed we were free-and-clear of having any mud on us. Or was the sign trying to tell us that the store was suddenly out of it's supply of mud? Unlikely. The more likely answer is that there is a population of people in Florida for whom mud is a fact. An ever present component in their lives. These people in need of a snappy new pack of generic cigarettes & a twelve pack of Busch beer have to travel to a mud friendly convenience store. I never saw the mud people, but I fear them. I think we all do. NO MUD
  20. OrigamiMami

    EPISODE 279 — Inside the NFL

    I was really impressed by MJD. I was expecting another jock yelling into a microphone, or trying too hard to be silly, but not MJD. The guy came across as authentic and well rounded.
  21. OrigamiMami


    for a good time call http://wfla.com/2015...kles-the-clown/
  22. OrigamiMami

    EPISODE 277 — Crossing the Wine

    real life Judah is nothing like his 30 Rock character, I spent the bulk of the ep thinking "is this the same guy?" About Tinder, it seems like a lot of comedians and sitcoms have tinder based jokes. I'm old and married, not on tinder, not interested in exploring it. While social media allows for more areas to explore in comedy, it does segment the audience into age-based demographics. If your audience is made-up of a lot of young single folks then you've hit a vein of gold. I listen to podcasts at work, so depending on the workload I have to check-in/check-out when it comes to conscious listening. So there are times (and it's not just you guys) that when a podcast is talking about swiping I check-out. If I continue to hear "swipe left" I stay checked out. The bit sounded good, sounds like you still have material to mine, but I'm not the young hepcat I once was, so it's not for me.
  23. OrigamiMami

    EPISODE 275 — Wikifeet High and Rising

    Re: thrown cheesesteak sandwich. as you gentlemen were stepping into the story, I immediately began googling the price of a cheesesteak at Lincoln Financial Field. Which ended up being your (not you're) next set of jokes. Spooooooky. I'm not even going to bust your ballz about the Red Octobers, since it seems like you all are trolling me. Nikki has a great energy, if she brings that to her NSNG show, it should be great. Question for the Sklar buddies, how sick of Halloween are you guys? Each year it has to be "oh Randy, I see you dressed as Jason this year." and vice versa. Heck my self-respect is taking a massive hit, just by bringing it up. peace!
  24. OrigamiMami


    A taste of Huskey https://soundcloud.c...owing-up-strong