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    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    I hate to whine on the internet, but I really hope the annoyance with Remender was genuine and he doesn't get asked back. Fucking around is fine, but he's just a jerk as a player. He totally ignores everyone and it's more annoying than funny. I think everything from this week should be retconned.
  2. MargaretCross

    Character Drawings

    Dag is the cousin of Damien, a human. And i seem to recall Lyra was a half-elf as well.
  3. MargaretCross

    You changed my life

    The intimate nature of podcasts seem to make people connect so strongly and personally to them... I was an early Sound of Young America and Never Not Funny listener, and it's been great to watch podcasting grow and see other people develop this bond with various shows. I fell hard for Nerd Poker once I started listening and it has somehow both scratched the itch and re-kindled my desire to get in a gaming group again. Thanks for sharing this group with the world, I am always so happy to see my adventuring "friends" pop up in my iTunes feed. (My fella and I had a whole week of mutual anxiety after the cliffhanger where Blackie botched, and a bit of tension until we had both heard the followup)
  4. MargaretCross

    Mr Sark's YouTube Gameland Jamboree

    I know there has been reference to this, but this weekend I looked into the non-Nerd Poker life of everyone's favorite DM, and lost most of the weekend to watching literally Laugh Out Loud videos of his past shows but mostly his current gameplay vids. Mr Sark's YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMrSark Trouble in Terrorist Town: Prop Hunt mods (makes the players able to take on the shapes of background objects while seekers try to figure out where they are against the clock... absolutely hilarious, and watching Sark's face.. priceless):
  5. MargaretCross

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    It's disturbing how much knowing this exists and not being able to hear it is affecting my well-being. I know you guy will get it sorted out, but I also need a 12 Step Nerd Program.