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    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Hey Dan, Not sure if this has been mentioned by Sarli or someone else, and I know the rules are pretty flexible in Blaine's campaign, but the way your PC is using the Healing proficiency seems somewhat overpowered when compared to the rules in the PHB. Your PC has to use the proficiency within 1 round of another PC being wounded and make a proficiency check to heal that wounded PC for 1d3 hp, up to the amount that PC took in that round prior. So, if the wounded PC only took 1 hp of damage the round prior, that's all your PC can heal them for, even if they're missing more hp than that. And your PC can only try that on a particular character once per day. Now, the proficiency does make it so the PCs heal 1 hp per DAY even while traveling. If they rest completely all day then your PC can help them to heal 2 hp per day instead (well, 3 hp per day since your character has Herbalism too). And your PC can also help poisoned characters and treat non-magical diseases. Blaine seems to be fine with it, but your interpretation of the Healing proficiency makes it pretty potent for AD&D 2E...almost more of a "magic power" than an application of skill.
  2. He was streaming some Zombie Army game on Twitch last night (March 5th), and he mentioned Nerd Poker, although I only caught the ass-end of what he was saying. I think he said he had something planned for D&D, either with Nerd Poker or via streaming, and that there were some "crazy ideas" in his head or something. Anyone else have more details?
  3. jlac

    A non D&D-er confused about the most basic rolls

    For initiative, Sark has them rolling a d20, and they get +1 if their prime requisite stat for their class (Str for Fighters, Int for Magic Users, etc) is higher than 15. Pretty simple, and it works just fine. I think he's still fine-tuning his approach to casting times and spell-casting in general. The standard initiative rule from the 2E book is that each side rolls a d10, and the side that rolls lower goes first. There are a list of modifiers that can apply to the roll. It's fast. A common optional initiative method is to have each combatant roll separately and add their weapon's speed factor or their spell's casting time or their magic item's speed factor, etc. Takes longer, but it can be fun.