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  1. I couldn't get the audio to synch up right... anyway hopefully you get the idea. Disclaimer: I know as a white guy I'm not allowed to say any black guy looks like any other black guy. But come on. Think about how fun it is to imagine Reggie Watts stoned loving Alice Cooper in the early 70s. Pretty fun. Plus he's subtitled in German! Now that's GOTTA be racist!!!
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    Episode 289 — The Exorcism of Cake Boss

    Thank you for the gift that is Cake Boss.
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    Episode BO2013.4 — Best of 2013 Pt 4

    The Correct Top 15: 15. Cake Boss 14. Cake Boss 13. Cake Boss 12. Cake Boss 11. Cake Boss 10. Cake Boss 9. Cake Boss 8. Cake Boss 7. Cake Boss 6. Cake Boss 5. Cake Boss 4. Cake Boss 3. Cake Boss 2. Cake Boss 1. Cake Boss Too hard to vote. I thought I was voting but it apparently there was some kind of anti-Cake Boss interface where you had to choose ten but it just said the episode number and the guest names so you'd have to do research to figure out what the crap content happened each episode in order to vote? Thank you for the free quality entertainment, I registered just to complain.