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    Episode 193 - Blues Brothers 2000: LIVE!

    Dammit. i can’t not. BUSTER. his name was BUSTER
  2. So I just got into Hard Nation last night Loving every minute of it! Second impression is that I can NOT help but think that Pete's voice sounds like James Adomian doing a Jason Mantzoukas impression. It's what I imagine Jason's voice would be as the host of Talkin' Tang.
  3. AlexSalcido

    Episode 168 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii: LIVE!

    Never mind it just popped up at the end.
  4. AlexSalcido

    Episode 168 - Hard Ticket to Hawaii: LIVE!

    No one mentioned the random scene with the gladiator babe doing the ritual dance?
  5. AlexSalcido

    Episode 167 - Chopping Mall: LIVE!

    Just finished it... few random thoughts.... This movie is available for free on YouTube. It's great to try and recast this whole movie with cast members of Wet Hot American Summer. Alison should be played by Amy poehler Ferdy is Michael showwalter Rick is ken Marino technician 1 is Joe LoTruglio Second one is David Hyde pierce Swayze hair/gum chewer is Bradley Cooper I'm still working on the others. Feel free to chime in with suggestions. What boy and girl just watch a monster movie while your friends fuck openly behind you? "Oh my god! You're the king! You're the king!" Linda just out of nowhere is an expert on how to make Molotov cocktails. And then that is NEVER revisited. I love-LOVE how ferdy threw that tank at the protector and it immediately just chucked it right back. That made me genuinely happy.
  6. AlexSalcido

    Episode 167.5 - Minisode 167.5

    i wrote a post thinking it was in the actual Chopping Mall ep but i was in the wrong thread and now i cant figure out how to delete the post. ill see myself out.
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    aww shucks thank you kindly
  8. this is my very first and not last "2nd opinions" theme submission. hope you like it. ----------- You say this movie's awful No, this movie's awesome You run your mouth, just hear me out It may be bananas or next level bonkers I got a few hundred misspelled words to offer This a'int a cry for help I couldn't help myself This a'int a suicide note I swear It's just a second opinion Just the one to spare.
  9. AlexSalcido


    Yeah I subscribe to that, but for some reason, it was counted as a misspell so I went with that, "A'int": just looks weird. I also believe the toilet paper roll always goes OVER and not under. Not being sarcastic, I'm being totally real. and I'm happy you like the tune, I'm pretty happy with it. Checkin off goals left and right!
  10. AlexSalcido

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    I just got to Tim after posting that
  11. AlexSalcido

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Don't know if anyone's done this yet but... Sha, la, la, la, la, la, la Mmm Uh huh I was down at the New Amsterdam Staring at this yellow-haired girl Cuervo Jones strikes up a conversation With a black-haired flamenco dancer You know, she dances while his father plays guitar She's suddenly beautiful We all want something beautiful Man, I wish I was beautiful So come dance the silence down through the morning Sha la, la, la, la, la, la, la Yeah Uh huh Yeah Cut up, Maria! Show me some of that Spanish dancin' Pass me a bottle, Cuervo Jones Believe in me Help me believe in anything 'Cause I want to be someone who believes Yeah Cuervo Jones and me Tell each other fairy tales And we stare at the beautiful women She's looking at you Ah, no, no, she's looking at me Smilin' in the bright lights Coming through in stereo When everybody loves you You can never be lonely Well, I'm gonna paint my picture Paint myself in blue and red and black and gray All of the beautiful colors are very, very meaningful Yeah, well, you know gray is my favorite color I felt so symbolic yesterday If I knew Picasso I would buy myself a gray guitar and play Cuervo Jones and me Look into the future Yeah, we stare at the beautiful women She's looking at you I don't think so She's looking at me Standing in the spotlight I bought myself a gray guitar When everybody loves me I will never be lonely I will never be lonely Said I'm never gonna be Lonely I wanna be a lion Yeah, everybody wants to pass as cats We all wanna be big, big stars Yeah, but we got different reasons for that Believe in me 'Cause I don't believe in anything And I wanna be someone to believe, to believe, to believe Yeah! Cuervo Jones and me Stumbling through the Barrio Yeah, we stare at the beautiful women She's perfect for you Man, there's got to be somebody for me I wanna be Bob Dylan Cuervo Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky When everybody love you Oh! Son, that's just about as funky as you can be Cuervo Jones and me Starin' at the video When I look at the television, I wanna see me Staring right back at me We all wanna be big stars But we don't know why, and we don't know how But when everybody loves me I'm wanna be just about as happy as I can be Cuervo Jones and me We're gonna be big stars
  12. AlexSalcido

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    Blake Pliskin is in the top running for the next Howdies award for "Abuse of an fan"
  13. AlexSalcido

    Episode 464 - A Ton More Sexy

    Boston Powers needs to come back.
  14. AlexSalcido

    Best of 2016 Pt. 2

    Alan Thicke's "Oh dear" as soon as the Cosby voice came out. #RIP #ImmortallyThicke
  15. AlexSalcido

    Episode 463 - 2016 Holiday Spectacular

    Oh boy, (riffing on the scarf)... 1:55 Gino: He's gonna Carradine himself.
  16. AlexSalcido

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    I smell a new shirt.
  17. AlexSalcido

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    I told myself I wasn't going to listen to the whole thing but here I am halfway. Also, when they got to Public Enemy, I could hear James Adomian's Bernie in my head going, "That's cultural appropriation." hahaha
  18. AlexSalcido

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    SCRAPPY DOO IS/WAS THE WORST (aaaaaaand I'd go-go gadget)
  19. AlexSalcido

    Episode 458 - Solo Bolo Cuatrolo

    Based on Atamanuik's election day tweet "I find no joy in this," I don't think we'll see his Trump for a long time if not ever.
  20. AlexSalcido

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    Since the release of the Trump Vs. Bernie Brooklyn album, you can really tell how coarse their voices became since this ep...after months of doing this act.
  21. AlexSalcido

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    Top Biggerman
  22. AlexSalcido

    Episode 423 - Time Bobby 4

    Andrew Lord Webber continuously turns into Stewie Griffin all throughout this.
  23. welcome to comedy bang bang
  24. ...are you going to accept my friend request or not?