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  1. Like most people here it seems, I totally lost it during the pre-recorded podcast. That editing was perfect. When the buzz first comes in, when it goes out and the Dentist starts talking, and then when it starts to come back in, unbelievable. I couldn't breathe. Great stuff all throughout too. That 'tiny buzz' joke Scott threw out seemed too good to be an ad lib. Ooh, that Jazz! Good ep. Great ep, actually.

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  2. Woohoo! Saucerman on the show again! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who Gooby made them think of the weird dog/bear guy that was blowing a dude in The Shining. I couldn't find a photoshop of them merged, so I went ahead and made one. Way scarier than the Kubrick version to me.




    EDIT: Just checked the thread for the main ep (episode) and saw that user 'must turd' had done a great job with this exact concept last week. Oh well. Here's another one to haunt your dreams everyone.

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  3. Is this the performance Aukerman was talking about from Letterman?



    I think the one he was mostly talking about from Letterman was "A Freak Like Me Needs Company": http://shakefire.com/embed/40394.

    Makes me cringe pretty bad but at least it does seem like the actor playing the Green Goblin is enjoying himself. Glad somebody was.


    The number actually reminds me of Paul Rust's Dr. Traygo's creeeeepies.

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  4. Well dang it, now I have to stay up and listen to this episode before going to sleep. I'm just worried that Doug's lackadaisical persona might not mesh with the laser focus and tight pacing this show is famous for.


    EDIT: I'm delighted at how nonplussed Doug is by the lack of Scott and Scott talking U2 to him. Great episode. They really get inside baseball about how insane the production's creation and history is and it's fascinating.

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  5. Putting your child ahead of your podcast? Typical Hollywood elitism. I demand the same frequency of episodes or I will no longer pay $0 every week for this amazing content. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Paul. Oh, wait, no secondhand smoke for the precious baby. Disgusting.


    Seriously though, congratulations. Seems like everyone on HDTGM is winning at life right now. Best wishes to you all for the future!

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