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  1. Thanks for the link. Hope it can get worked out soon if possible. I'm very grateful that there's as much video as there is of Earwolf podcasts. The fact that Cactus Tony's only appearance is viewable on youtube is pretty mindblowing by itself. Also, that tweet was sent at 4:20. Really, VPN?

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  2. That reminds me, did Rodman ever rebound from this project? He seemed pointless in the movie.

    Incredibly, Rodman went on to be the star of 1999's Simon Sez, as a "hip interpol agent." Even more next-level bonkers, this movie also has cyber monks. I'm dead serious. And John Pinette is one of the cyber monks. And Dane Cook is Rodman's sidekick. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

  3. i know it's early in the year and all, but...i'm gonna go ahead and say this will definitely be in my top 10 of the year come december.

    Yeah, Jon Daly and Adomian's Ventura together make this a likely contender in my book.

    This episode and the eps with the Calvin Twins and JW Stillwater, and last week's Smaug for that matter.

    At this point, I think Scott and company can just coast and not put any effort into the show for a while.