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  1. Also, as much as it lacks a broader (anti)heroic driving quest, the story is kind of classic; it reminds me of the kind of dark crime comedy where ordinary folk and small-time crooks get dragged into an out-of-control spiral of criminality and violence. Think medieval-fantasy done by Tarantino, Ritchie, or the Coen bros. Or maybe just the child of a strange rpg-shelf tryst between a D+D player's handbook and Fiasco...


    I was thinking Grand Theft Auto D&D, but those are even better comparisons.

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    Oh my god, I am still laughing over this.


    Also, I'm digging Blaine's sandbox approach to DMing (at least, it seems like that's what he's doing). I don't know if he's got an overarching story in mind, but right now it seems like he's just giving the group a setting to get into shenanigans in and letting them direct the action through their choices. I like running that kind of game.

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