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  1. WaltMurray

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I have absolutely no problem paying a reasonable price for quality content. This allows the artists to continue to produce content with the best talent and equipment available, and for it to be distributed across a quality medium. I appreciate the team respecting the desires and needs of the listeners, but the artists also deserve a fair wage for the content they produce and if ad sales and a low monthly subscription rate allow for that, then it is totally cool. What is not cool is expecting people to produce content for you for free. The artists work their butts off, produce a great podcast, and should reap the benefits of that.
  2. This disasterpiece stars Chuck Norris in a film that should have ended his career. Poor acting, amazing hairstyles, and a complete lack of writing (it is almost as if the actors made up their lines as they went), make this a classic of bad cinema. I think you would have a field day with this one.
  3. WaltMurray

    No Holds Barred (1989)

    How many Oscars did this win? I can't believe someone actually gave the green light to this POS. By the way, it is streaming on HuluPlus.
  4. WaltMurray

    Fire In The Sky

    In investigations we have a term for that- full of crap
  5. WaltMurray

    Fire In The Sky

    I think the only part that bothered me was when they drug him through the alien spaceship and a kids shoe was laying in the junk on the floor. I guess that leads to another problem- why was so much junk and trash laying around the inside of an alien spaceship?
  6. WaltMurray

    Fire In The Sky

    This is among the worst movies in history. It is poorly written, poorly acted, has a bad plot with tons of holes in it, all the actors seem like they hate being a part of this colossal disaster. It is perfect for HDTGM
  7. WaltMurray

    Time Walker

    The worst movie I have ever seen is also the most perfect movie for HDTGM. It is the 1982 thriller Time Walker (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0084796/). I would say "enjoy", but you wont.