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    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I'm sure someone else mentioned this but I didn't notice: Was Nick Kroll on for 4 episodes? Because 3 wouldn't break the record. Scott Aukerman was on both Sharknados and Speed 2. Maybe I'm just not thinking of the 4th Kroll episode (Burlesque, FJTK, and Tango & Cash).
  2. PooOnYou2

    Maximum Overdrive

    This is on IFC right now and I had to log in to recommend it. This gets my vote in the future!
  3. PooOnYou2

    RV (2006)

    I'm not sure if anyone else sat through this when family friends who RV'ed cross country came over one weekend and told you it was hilarious. I have. The worst part is when people watching a movie like this actually enjoy it. I couldn't even make fun of it. I was forced to disown my family.
  4. PooOnYou2

    Episode 79 — Deck the Halls: LIVE!

    Did anyone else think to make this after listening to this episode?