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  1. Hey, I searched through the message board but nothing came up, so very sorry if someone else has already brought this up, but..... Nundercover sounds kind of like a rehash of sorts of the movie Nuns on the Run starring Hagrid and Eric Idle. I mean okay I admit I am kind of drawing a bow, but it's about guys crossdressing as Nuns, and going undercover to hide from gangsters. It's douchey to bring it up I know, but it's kind of been bugging me since Nundercover was first mentioned, and I haven't heard anyone bring this gem of a movie up.
  2. The name really says it all. This is a real British film from 2004 and here are some of the reviews: Here is the Wikipedia summary (note there is no plot summary or anything, just hateful reviews): The film was condemned by most film critics for being crude and tasteless. The Times review called it "one of the two most nauseous films ever made"[1] Christopher Tookey in The Daily Mail called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "the most shamefully inept, witless and repulsive British comedy that I have ever had the misfortune to see".[2] Writer Will Self, writing for The Evening Standard, called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "mirthless, worthless, toothless, useless", while Johnny Vaughan in The Sun stated in his review "The mind boggles as to how this movie actually got made." [3] Kevin O'Sullivan in The Daily Mirror called Sex Lives of the Potato Men "one of the worst films ever made".[4] Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian wrote "it's a film which isn't in the slightest bit funny or sexy, and is deeply depressing. It also diminishes the reputation of many excellent TV comics, who are made to look tawdry and naff up there on the big screen in an echoing cinema".[5] It was also controversial in that nearly £1 million of public money from the National Lottery via the UK Film Council was used to fund the project.[6] Nigel Andrews in theFinancial Times, criticised the use of Lottery funding for the film.[3] Years after the film was released, Sex Lives of the Potato Men was still specified by film critics as an unusually bad film. TheBirmingham Post described it as "quite possibly the worst film ever made",[7] while The Independent on Sunday stated "Sex Lives of the Potato Men" was "a strong contender for the title of worst film of all time".[8] It's really quite disgusting, and Johnny Vegas is one of the most vile men alive. I would love to hear June's reaction to this one, as it is just so f'n gross.
  3. Please fill us in if you don't mind - no way in hell I am dropping money on this turd.
  4. BevanMorgan


    Oh agreed. The whole thing felt like it was a TV Movie with slightly better production values. Have to say though that I thought Ashton was woeful - just absolutely woeful, but as you rightly alluded to he was so friggin miscast I don't know what else they could have done. I don't know I still see him as Kelso, and the only apple I imagine him developing would be when out of desperation he developed an apple into a bong.
  5. BevanMorgan

    Now You See Me (2013)

    100% agreed. I couldn't look away.
  6. BevanMorgan


    I started listening to this podcast because I saw the poster, and knew I had to listen. And no Junior show has been devastating! This one would be awesome.
  7. BevanMorgan

    Dead Alive AKA Braindead (1992)

    This would be the best HDTGM episode I could ever think of. As a Kiwi I legitimately take pride in this movie, and am so proud of the talents that worked in it. Our film and television sector is very young, and Peter Jackson's early work was the most bizarre possible way that you could expect local cinema to grow - but films like Braindead were huge here, and are massive cult hits to this day. That's not to belittle the work of the other great directors, but nobody established their voice like Jackson. The sfx for the early nineties in NZ film are astounding. Even just the old miniature sets of Wellington, and the props from the fifties and stuff. The attention to detail in this film was I argue unlike any other before it in NZ. And all the while the film is this insane schlocky, z-grade, zombie horror, gorefest, which shouldn't work (NZ doesn't exactly have a long lineage of horror or zombie tales), but works better than most films of its type. I am biased and sentimental I am very aware but I don't care. This movie owns. Interesting side note: for a while in NZ there was a live stage show of this, and they would cover the crowd before the final massacre. I only wish I could have seen this.
  8. Renny Harlin, the magic auteur behind Die Hard 2 and Cutthroat Island, directing some nobodies in what must be one of the most stunningly dim and cheap looking films in a long time. Seriously though - how? Who gave seventy million dollars to these people, thinking that there could possibly be another Hercules movie, in amongst a bunch of other swords and sandals that will probably be more high concept and better. I literally can not comprehend. Money laundering?
  9. BevanMorgan

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    What happened to Mekhi Phifer? I thought he was awesome when I was a teenager, but I can't even remember the last time I saw him in anything?
  10. BevanMorgan

    I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    I am ashamed to say that I didn't know that this was a thing. I haven't heard of, letalone seen this movie. That will be rectified this weekend.
  11. BevanMorgan

    Now You See Me (2013)

    I enjoyed the first half of this movie, and then holy crap does it lose its mind. Agreed, there would be fodder in here for days, paritcularly that plot twist. Blood still boiling from this one.
  12. BevanMorgan

    Retro Puppet Master

    I am new here, so I apologise if this has been suggested. I couldn't find it when I searched. But I figure since no doubt everyone here loves 'The Room', then why not look at the stunning film that got Greg Sestero started on the road to filming the best bad movie ever. And that would be the horrendous z-grade schlock that is Retro Puppet Master.
  13. BevanMorgan

    Episode 79.5 — Minisode 79.5

    So stoked for this one. 85 million this cost. 85 MILLION. As other users have suggested a double header with the 1997 carrot-rape masterpiece would be epic.