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    EPISODE 220 — Make Love Like Gorillas

    Jesse comes off like an arrogant prick when he talks about white people trying to sound black. STFU, Jesse, you smug hipster. You're not the arbiter of art and race.
  2. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 180.5 — 5/16/14 TWO CHARTED 119

    btw why isn't Charted on the list of podcasts on podsurvey.com? am I missing it somehow?
  3. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 180.5 — 5/16/14 TWO CHARTED 119

    I've lightly wavered on Armen but I think I'm fairly convinced I like him. In fact the ambiguity ironically makes it even more fun to like him. I enjoy picking up on where he's going with his stunted stream of consciousness. He seems far more comfortable alone with Kulap rather than cowering in deference to the guest. I hope he's got a big career ahead of him. It will be strange to see him transition to a position where he's semi famous. I loved him in Burning Love. Kulap has a talent for facilitating the flourishing of weird folks. Hope she gets knocked up soon. The world could use an Aukersack
  4. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 174 — Losing Our Chartginity

    great episode but I hope they lock down that hollowness in the new studio. A little jarring to listen to
  5. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 265 — LIVE from RIOT LA

    Does anyone have a pic of this show, or another Sheriff appearance? I can pretty much imagine what he looks like in the getup but still dying to see a pic.
  6. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 169 — Jaws is better

    I'm entirely sure I could beat Howard handily in a round of Jaws is Better
  7. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 168.5 — 2/21/14 TWO CHARTED 107

  8. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 164 — My Demons High

    I think in context it seems clear that they were simply rejecting it out of hand because of the cast. Ice Cube has made some terrible movies. It's ironic that in an attempt to leverage the irony of putting him in family movies he somehow became a kitschy family movie actor along the way. Now it's tough to take him seriously. And as Doug remarked the other day, it seems a lot of comedy folks are a little perplexed by the fact that Kevin Hart is in every damn movie there is today. There was little chance they'd have gotten close enough to it to note the quality of the screenplay. This is one of those tweets they don't need to see.
  9. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 165 — Doug Digs It!

    I'm not sure what's so perplexing about the Avicii "wake me up" video. It's clearly about hot chicks finding their way to a rave. You'd have to be really Doug not to get that.
  10. KevinBaconBits

    Episode 263 — Hollywild

    Minestrone with a stack of 100 dollar bills. The end.