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  1. RyanWright

    Hollywood Baby Namebook

    What up what up troopers? Great news! I just found out that I'm having a baby boy! Hooray for me! Sad news, naming babies is hard. I'm here to enlist the mental faculties of you stylish game changers to help me find a suitable name for my heir. Give me your best and brightest ideas. It is not cool to submit 2nd choices and save a name that you plan to name your own children, plus lets face it, you're getting older, you've put on a few pounds, you'll probably never reproduce anyway, I've talked to your mothers. My last name is Wright and I've been floating a couple of names around. I think Desmond and Jeremy are good. There's a nice tonal quality to a 'Desmond Hayes', that's my favorite "Lost" character, and also because fuck Sean, ya know? It's good to be back! Scoop Troopers unite!
  2. It was my birthday yesterday and none of you sent me the hilarious FB messages that I have grown accustomed to. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I can only conclude that this means that I'm dead to you all. Anyways, thanks for ruining my special day. If any of you would like to correct this huge injustice, send your half hearted belated Bday wishes to Ryan Wright in NC
  3. No idea what's happening in this forum anymore but I assume that it's both funny and good. Hope everyone is as good as I look. I don't have much time to do reading as, at the advice of my psychologist, I purchased a pet bonsai tree and it's very demanding. It's not so much the watering and the trimming, but all the things it tells me to do like, paint obscene graffiti onto daycares, intentionally set fires, and well, the killing... it's been interesting but very time consuming. oh, gotta go, it's saying something about "the facists at Barnes & Noble" idk... check back soon.
  4. Confirmed; not the same guy. Ive seen PJ 4 times and thought the same thing. It's really the only reason that I liked that guy, plus he told me he knew the real Michael Jordan. How dare he try to steal the the glory of MY post that received NO likes. That's the real trick. Anyone can just post and get a few 'likes'... the best get no 'likes' Disclaimer: Please do not, not 'like' this post for the irony. Like seriously. Please 'like' this post
  5. I was the one that left the rant about Duke lacrosse, fuck matt cameron. furthermore, my rant was legitimate and right. the only thing Duke is raping is NCAA basketball. I'm more disappointed that none of you could remember me. not all North Carolinians look the same, that is racist.
  6. RyanWright

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    Thank heavens for this thread because I wanted to give birthday wishes to Hayes but am too sheepish to say anything on fb mostly because idk him and am forced to admire him from afar. I do admire you though Hayes, ye are truly "the man". Thanks for the laughs and release from to doldrums of everyday life. Also, loving the video series that burdrulz shared."those people". keep up the good works
  7. However you may feel about John Mayer, I've found when trying to coax true emotions from a loved one, singing "say you need to say, say what you need to say..." in a high pitched voice, repeatedly, works everytime. I've realized that starting a podcast in two weeks isn't very realistic. Especially when you work all the time just to remain broke and poor. I am acquiring the hardware as you read this, so dont count me out, but to get this stuff you have to deal with like, sound engineers people and even worse, the dreaded Best Buy employee! Any tech advice? seriously. I have a base of: Macbook pro 13 with an i5 and 2 samson cou1 condenser mics. Oh yea, also, loved this ep, for a second time the Bros and guest have a great ebb and flow of force from each other. I'd say its more like Shelby "Ferro"magnetic with the electricity being put to work in that booth! wait, what was that? all my silverware just fell in the kitchen...oh no, I think Magneto heard me, ahhhhh, gtg...
  8. I commend you for recognizing my extensive musical knowledge and incredible musical talent. I assume you made some theme song? I havent heard it but I must side with tim treese as it is common knowledge that hamburger sandwiches are circles and that cutting them into fifths expands your whole brains to a higher musical place and I mean honestly, the pipes on that guy are something to behold.
  9. Handbook heads, it is I, the lonious of junk. I have had a long absence of bringing you hilarious posts for 2 main reasons. Firstly, I created a computer program to invent the perfect girlfriend and incidentally lightening struck my house simultaneously and made her reality. secondly, I adopted a plant that is called Fernast T. Bass goes to jail. what has been happening? was there any talk of my possible death? why was no one at else at wolfman jack's wake? I am starting a podcast to air within the next couple of weeks, who is with me? I need call in guests and you are the funniest people I know. Except for anyone who started posting, post me posting. But that's negotiable because i can make fun of how inept and unoriginal you are. Happy Bday to Kevin Kob, I'd make a joke but that would just be corny...
  10. RyanWright

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    I liked this episode, my cousin Darnush did not I am flattered beyond measure and your hair is ahhmazing
  11. RyanWright

    Episode 64 — Listeners, Our Close Friends

    #domdierkes still getting extra credit for drunk posts?! still listening, still love you all cool cool alright. check it out
  12. this episode has given me an erection lasting more than four hours and I am not contacting a doctor
  13. Another great episode. With each show I find it harder and harder to not just drop everything in my life to travel the land preaching the word of the good book and telling of the coming of our lord and savior, Hollywood. I am become an apostle of Hayes and Sean and the troofs they speak. Amen
  14. Christmas has come early this year! 1. Hayes, are you going to be the best man at Sean's wedding? 2. Between the two of you, who would win in a fight? 3. What is YOUR favorite episode/segment/guest? 4. How big of a donation to earwolf would it take to hang out with you guys? 5. I've listened to so many hours of RSS and HH that I feel like we are actually friends. Will you come to my birthday party? Please validate my existence