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  1. I was screaming USE THE FUCKING SCROLL OF INVULNERABILITY ORB when Sark was like "you have one action." And no doubt Sark knew it too! Look at the damn character sheets every once in a while guys (and gal)!


    And manage your hit points better. If those characters had healed up most wouldn't have gone under 0.


    That should have been a TPK, I don't know what Sark's going to do to "fix" that...

  2. Another thing...I gotta say that I love the derails at least as much as I do the gameplay, and I've listened to the music crit derail multiple times and it gets funnier every time.


    It's part of why I play D&D, for the crazy shit that gets said both ingame and out. Something about playing an RPG really brings out the imagination of all involved.


    Love it, keep it up.

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  3. Quick rule correction - magic missile doesn't require a attack roll. It automatically hits the target, which is why it is valuable for low levels.

    I'm pretty sure that no magic attacks require an attack roll.

    Compensation for the fact that you only get a limited amount of them each day.