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  1. TwiggLeBranch

    Episode 80 — D&Darping

    I listen via iTunes and my download ended early too. I wonder what happened.
  2. TwiggLeBranch

    Episode 73 — Space Ship Attack

    This was my line of thought while listening to this episode: The fan art for this episode is going to be epic, Red vs Blue! and finally... Great job guys! I love you all!! P.S. I'm still laughing about roll to resist cheese. Bwahaha!
  3. TwiggLeBranch

    Episode 67 — Rat Trap

    "Don't take a cat nap!" *groans from the room* These last few episodes have been insanely awesome. I'd listened to the previous episode 3 times and died of laughter each time. Might end up doing the same with this week's episode. Freakin' hilarious. Fur the cheez!
  4. TwiggLeBranch

    Character Drawings

    I second this! I would absolutely support this!
  5. TwiggLeBranch

    Episode 64 — LED Hula Hoops

    Freakin' LOVED this episode! Thanks guys. For some reason I envisioned Sark doing this (LED hula hoop): Cracked me up! Also, someone needs to draw Damien powering down a 5hr energy drink but make it look like a potion bottle, with a couple empties strewn about his feet. I'd do it, but I can't do anything except abstract art. Love you guys! Can't wait for next week.
  6. TwiggLeBranch

    Episode 63 — No Man Rat Left Behind

    OMG this episode was flippin' awesome. Thanks guys!! So on a side note and I don't mean to be a douche but...what happened to Star-Goyle?
  7. TwiggLeBranch

    NEW Nerd Poker Dice Bags!

    Random/Best idea: Present engagement ring in NerdPoker dice bag. Perfect! Or have the wedding rings presented in a NerdPoker dice bag at the ceremony. Priceless
  8. TwiggLeBranch

    Questions for Sark

    Hi Sark, I hope all is well. Long time listener, first time posting. Love the show! In light of the recent episodes where everyone was poking fun at the whole White Wolf/vampire genre, I had to share some of my tattoos with you as I thought you might get a laugh out of them. Remember the Book of Nod? yeah, that's the skull to the left and the order of the flying duck (Long Live the Insanity!) aka Malkavian mirror to the right. I listen to you guys at work and I can't help but laugh out loud in my small office (and receiving confused glares from my coworker) whenever there's mention of vampires, glow sticks and walking in slow motion, etc. You guys crack me up. My apologizes that this is not a question per se, but I couldn't resist. Thanks for helping me keep sane at work. I look forward to each episode and have fallen in love with all of you! Keep up the good work! ~*Twigg*~