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  1. howling_mad_murdock1234567890@hotmail.com

    Episode 65 — The Cavern Explosion

    It seems like everything has ended with a bang. Maybe not though as Sark was hinting at. I am excited to for both the story to continue and for the retrospective, going back and looking at what might have happened if, for example, Amon Amarth hadn't ripped that door open....
  2. howling_mad_murdock1234567890@hotmail.com

    Episode 1401 - Joe Lo Truglio

    an excellent start to the new season.
  3. howling_mad_murdock1234567890@hotmail.com

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    That was an excellent episode, from the unexpected intro music to al the combat to the lovely cliff hanger at the end. Made my morning so much better.