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  1. The best part is if you play it back it was pretty clearly "Myrtle Beth," but PFT is such a consummate pro that he ran with the funny rather than correcting the mistake...
  2. HunterJE

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

    In a very different way, though. The "gotcha improv" thing CBB has built is about derailing in order to elevate. When, say, Scott interrupts a PFT/Andy Daly character with a complete curve-ball, it's to force the character into an even more outrageous situation (and it's done in the form of a dare/offer rather than a "we're done with whatever you were doing"). Tom's wasn't in the mode of pushing the bit onto a new track, it was just pushing it off the side of a bridge (indeed, as discussed above, when the character guests tried to incorporate the directions he'd brought it in he repeatedly shouted over them).
  3. HunterJE

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

    And they would have done it with some timing. If he'd brought it up at the top of the show, when the conversation was on him, it would have probably been an OK choice. Instead he brought it up in the middle of a character bit, one in which he already had shown a complete inability to give-and-take, interrupting every bit with a non-humorous road-block "hey hey I'm here too" tag. So when he drops that bomb, pretty much out-of-nowhere, it just comes off as the nuclear option of "this'll bring the subject back to 'me.'"
  4. Wait, I thought the kangaroo was Tymie Downsport...
  5. HunterJE

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

    He acted almost like he didn't realize the other two guests were doing funny characters half the time, like he thought he was supposed to be doing Maron and was annoyed that these two weirdos were horning in on his "artist's pain" moment...
  6. HunterJE

    EPISODE 346 — That Is Wild

    The fact that this ep could be so much fun despite a big dead weight interrupting with nothing funny to add on every other joke speaks to the amazingness of the other talent on the ep... The dog thing was really the wrong moment, though, wow. I'm not necessarily opposed to tone shifts but just zero sense of timing there. Also, it felt like Scott went from jokingly fed up to actually fed up with the "naming every tour stop instead of just saying check my website" thing during plugs.
  7. HunterJE

    Idea for Season 2

    Andy discussed his thinking re: season 2 format on his recent :
  8. OK, who's making the video for the chess song? I can totally picture little animated chess pieces dancing around.
  9. Great to hear Guy on the show, always great to get someone equally larger than life going toe to toe with Jimmy. Also, re: the almonds thing, it totally is a scapegoating, and one of the things that gets missed in the conversation is that actually compared to comparable food products (sure, lettuce uses less water, but it's not nutritionally equivalent) almonds actually do pretty well--they're less water-intensive-per-calorie than any non-poultry meat, and less than a lot of legumes (garbanzos use a ton more water, and are also intensively grown in the area). Plus, it's much more reasonable to substitute away from an annually planted crop like garbanzos and leave fields fallow for a season than to abandon an orchard crop and end up with a lot of expensive firewood (or at least damage future production).
  10. HunterJE

    EPISODE 122 — Haunted Anus

    My real issue with the "brony" thing isn't so much their fandom as the fact that they feel the need to couch it in a moniker that is just this side of "nohomo" -- why can't you just be a "my-little-pony fan" without the "BUT IM ALSO TOTALLY A STR8 DUDE" gendered fandom name?
  11. Hah, for me it has made Mondays even harder, SO many of my "immediate-listen" worthy comedy podcasts already come out Mondays (CBB here on Earwolf; Jordan Jesse Go, My Brother My Brother and Me and Stop Podcasting Yourself over on Maximum Fun; Indoor Kids on Nerdist), adding another makes it even more of a traffic jam (I like being part of the drop-day internet conversation about most of these, so artificially spreading them out through the week isn't ideal)... Don't get me wrong, there are worse problems to have than all that amazing free content.
  12. Thought: Shouldn't the plug insertion (heh heh) have used the "flashforward/flashback" SFX rather than the "jump cut?"
  13. HunterJE

    EPISODE 121 — Do It As A Tusken Raider

    I think the party checked in with that enough times to realize that particular deus ex machina had sailed. Also totally understand why Blaine made that go away, easy transportation is great for getting a party to an adventure, but when one is underway it's not great for an adventure to just let the party fly over obstacles...
  14. I've been thinking about looking in to taking some improv classes. My medium-sized city has a couple of different options for classes, but I'm finding it really hard to pick. In part due to old man Besser's rants on the show, I feel like I have some partly-formed opinions about "good improv" versus "bad improv," but I'm having a hard time reading much from the super-vague class descriptions. Figure this is something the humons in this show subforum might have some insight about. Anyone ideas what to look for in a beginning improv class?
  15. The Gooch's mastery of the minutiae of the game is astounding...
  16. We have a theater here in Seattle with one of those small-theater-with-easy-chairs-and-sofas setups, and while I don't think it sucks generally I too have noticed that people have a harder time keeping theater-volume with their talking and overexpressive laughter, I get the feeling that maybe if some people aren't in gross velvet folding chairs they can't get it through their heads that they are in a movie and need to quiet down...
  17. HunterJE

    EPISODE 344 — Classic Switcheroo

    "I need to know how British I am because I want to know how British I am!"
  18. HunterJE

    EPISODE 344 — Classic Switcheroo

    I love it when guests get rolled up into character mythologies, shades of Garry and Gilly.
  19. HunterJE

    EPISODE 121 — Do It As A Tusken Raider

    Impressive glossolalia from Telfer!
  20. HunterJE

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    Y'know, clearly I'm in a minority, but I'm getting kind of tired of Victor and Tiny. Has always felt like kind of a one-note joke, always completely takes over anything else that was happening on an episode, and they're on the show on SO MUCH. Between Victor and Tiny and the also-kind-of-overwhelming Gino, I felt like the actual guest was pretty much drowned out of the show for the second half.
  21. All those "promo" spots demolished me with their hilariousness.
  22. *Ahem* I do believe Mr. Tompkins said "we'll never know." Also, I think the fanonym needs to be "Spon-sors."
  23. Seems like there was a misunderstanding on the Snopes article about the gerbil, the "true account" read was an quoting an example of the rumor that is passed around around, not part of the actual Snopes article, and is right under the great big red "FALSE." Directly below in the actual article about the rumor:
  24. HunterJE


    For people who have gotten the shirts, did you get any kind of shipping notification/did it show as shipped on the order page? Just wondering whether to be keeping an eye out for a package or not. :EDIT: Never mind, checked the mail today and there it was! I've never been prouder to wear a shirt with an f-bomb on it. As to the quality, to each their own, I guess. I find the fit to be just about exactly perfect, and definitely in the middle of the range for the size. The material is definitely lightweight, but not at all flimsy, and the construction appears to be of great quality. The poly/cotton/rayon blend (American Apparel calls it a "track shirt") wears super comfortable, probably the softest wearing standard T-shirt I own except maybe the Alternative Apparel 50/50 blends. Also it says fuck on it, so there's another point in its favor...