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  1. HunterJE

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I think I'm going to try to finally pull together my scattered, foamey notes into something workable and sign my name on an open mic list this weekend. Not sure bringing some shitty comedy into the world is a real tribute, but at least it feels like doing something...
  2. HunterJE

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I haven't even tried either of the interviews right now, don't think I can take "artist's pain" just yet. I do however have every one of his CBB/CDR appearances loaded on my zune and am listening to them all this weekend. And pretty much any moment I don't have that on, the short but amazing Don't Stop or We'll Die discog on repeat. For whatever reason this one has helped a lot.
  3. HunterJE

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    I was just thinking about all the folks in the LA alt comedy scene who loved Harris have gigs tonight and have to go on stage and be funny while hurting so much...
  4. HunterJE

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    Damn. It feels a little dishonest to be feeling this way, because I know the intimate feeling of podcasting is an illusion. But damn this hits harder than celebrity deaths usually do. My heart goes out to the people who are losing an actual part of their real lives and not just a part of the imaginary life in their earbuds...
  5. HunterJE

    EPISODE 115 β€” Tying the Rope

    Also, I've not said much about this the last few weeks, but still cracks me up how quick this party is to decide everyone is their enemy. "Yeah, we've figured out that the blue guys are dicks too"--or, maybe, you've figured out violent biker gangs are dicks. Of course form here on out it's a self-fulfilling prophecy since they're going to assume every blue you meet is an enemy and attack first and molest their corpses, until word gets out and sure enough they do all hate you. Sort of the same as happened with the reds and one weird mountain man... Not complaining, just saying maybe the refrain of "Blaine gives the party nothing but enemies" refrain is a little off. After all, the one time he gave them something like a traditional RPG plot with NPCs and quests they all said "NOPE, getting on our bird and flying away..."
  6. HunterJE

    EPISODE 115 β€” Tying the Rope

    Why, WHY would you have a Brian character climbing down above everyone else? He made the save this time, but I was having visions of horrible chain reactions... Also, "what dice is this shit" could be a new alternate name for the podcast...
  7. "I feel like you're being willfully obtuse. But it's fun!" -PFT as Len Wiseman, summing up ALL OF COMEDY BANG BANG in one breath... Also love that Len has become such a crucial part of the Gilli and Garry mythos that Paul has to play two voices off each other every time...
  8. HunterJE

    EPISODE 114 β€” Looking For New Friends!

    So wondering, was today's monster homage or parallel invention? PNWTO Err, of course, I mean was it a totally real thing or a totally real thing?
  9. So if KISS was too cool for the superbowl halftime once, and by the time the halftime show was cool KISS wasn't cool enough, assuming both were continuous processes shouldn't they have crossed over at some point?
  10. HunterJE

    Episode 113 β€” Biker Giants are Dicks

    Yeah, was wondering if that might have been in the mix, all Blaine said to that d100 roll was "wanted to see if something happens," he never said whether the answer was "yes" or "no." Fun potential plot twist--what if the blob did in some way assimilate Lyra's freshly-dead brain so that it carries some vestige of her consciousness, but in a damaged way, and it/she's PISSED OFF that they left it/her behind...
  11. HunterJE

    The Best Artisan Dice

    Not from that site (rich for my blood), but I do have a hematite 7-set... very satisfying to roll, both the feel and the sound.
  12. Some history on the "why don't we assassinate people," since a series of executive orders by Ford, Carter, and finalized in pretty much its current form by Reagan in 1981 (EO 12333) it has been the official US military/intelligence policy that "No person employed by or acting on behalf of the United States Government shall engage in, or conspire to engage in, assassination." Of course, in modern times the military role of "assassination" is largely filled by the newspeak of "targeted killing," the only difference is instead of sending someone to shoot the guy you want to kill directly you send a drone to drop a bomb on him, or whatever innocent civilians happen to be where you last thought he was...
  13. HunterJE

    Nerdy Project I just completed

    They're also good for rolling around minis (if you're in to that sort of thing), particularly with the higher-order dice and when you have someone at your table who can't seem to control their dice...
  14. In addition to there being less competing on the TV landscape on the time, I do believe part of Jimmy and the cultural imperialism of the early-to-mid baby boomer era. I had a lot of those same rerun references you mentioned growing up in the 90s. It's the same reason I get super irritated when people talk about how gen X and millennial are too obsessed with the culture of their childhood. A person wearing apparel with cartoon characters from the 80s or 90s (not my own style, but to each their own) looks like some troglodyte nerd living in his mom's basement, but someone wearing a Loony Tunes character looks like someone's aunt. The only reason boomers don't look like they're wallowing in their childhood is that mainstream culture as a whole does the wallowing for them. It doesn't look like nostalgia because you can't be nostalgic for something that never went away. Also, tried so hard to resist, but had to say: the kid in Empire of the Sun was interned by the Japanese (hence the title) during WWII, not by communists.
  15. HunterJE

    Episode 112 β€” Red Afro

    I kind of wonder if Blaine is not entirely comfortable running non-combatant NPCs, for the stretch at the start where there were any they all talked in gibberish when they featured at all, and for a good while every last person they've run into has been hostile... Still enjoying the show a lot, just was thinking about this a few eps back...
  16. HunterJE

    Episode 112 β€” Red Afro

    Feel like the asshole should have been a called shot at least...
  17. HunterJE

    Episode 330 β€” Peruvian Pullovers

    Scott needs to work on his math, he said a 53-year-old would be a child of the 60s, when we all know anyone in their 50s was born in the 1950s.
  18. The show intro today made me wonderβ€”how many people found NP while looking for comedy content versus looking for gaming content? Or if it was recommended by a friend, what made you interested in listening, the comedy angle or the gaming angle? (I know, it was likely a mix for most, but which predominated?)
  19. Oh see, I thought that was the reason people say Scott can't do characters
  20. In your face, people who say Scott can't do characters, "First Caller" was a masterwork.
  21. HunterJE

    Episode 328 β€” Beatle Heaven

    Also, it's not like there are never comedy guests on comedy podcasts that don't click with the format (less on CBB because it's not as much a "special guest each week" format as a "bring in comedy people you know will be in the mix"). If you don't like a guest, look for two right-pointed triangles and click. Especially when it's a b-b-b-b-bonus.
  22. HunterJE

    Episode 109 β€” Is There A Dingy?

    So couldn't tell, was that at all intentional irony/unreliable narrator when the party decided that the giants were probably genetically evil based on what we've seen? With the exception of the one weird mountain man pretty every other giant that they've gotten in a fight with has either been an unwitting ambush victim or reasonably defending their territory against these tiny murder-fiends. Not to mention that after the first two they've seen the defiled corpses of their buddies, molested and a couple of times genitally mutilated. Don't get me wrong, I love where this all is going, because it's hilarious, but do you guys really still think you're the good guys here?
  23. HunterJE

    Weird theory about scott

    My general thinking is "this person had to be so high to come up with this" both undervalues and unnecessarily mystifies the creative process. People mostly don't actually come up with anything terribly interesting or original while high, though it might seem that way while under the influence. If you don't believe me, try hanging out sober with people under the influence. (There may arguably be narrow exceptions, like visual art and certain hallucinogens, but they're narrow and pretty specific.) I think part of the "they had to be high to come up with that" argument comes from a place of "I could never have come up with that, and it certainly couldn't just be the result of skill or talent, so there must be some kind of external factor to explain it."
  24. HunterJE

    Just wondering (sort of off topic)

    Also, apparently their musical genre's in-universe name is, I kid you not, jizz. Though the only source is expanded-universe materials, so it might not be in the new movies.
  25. Yeah, it took me a while after starting to listen to NNF to get my head around how much of a character his angriness is. Once you're used to it it is much more palatable.