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  1. We Took the Handsomest Man Alive, Who Is Also Very Funny, and the Funniest Man Alive, Who Is Also Very Handsome, And Put Them On One Stage, and You Won't Believe What Happened Next!


    Seriously, loved the whole episode, great interview and a great example of the kind of batshit crazy improv we've come to expect from Spontaneanation. And the stinger with Gourley's injury story was icing on the cake...

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  2. So this is probably why I'm not good at being a sports fan in real life either: A part of me is actually kind of relieved that the new season hasn't started out great, last season it got to the point where I couldn't fully loosen up and enjoy the episodes because of the tension of whether the Shrimps would maintain the streak...


    Also, I made this while listening tonight:



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  3. This combination is so perfect that I wonder if it's *too* perfect. Sometimes combining two perfect things doesn't result in a third perfect thing, like combining newborn babies and fruity pebbles.


    What a weirdly defeatist attitude to take at an announcement like this. Maybe it's just me but for me, four TV appearances and ten podcast appearances are evidence enough that Scott and Al are a combination that works pretty well...

  4. So excited by the announcement, I was just talking the other day to someone about how much I love the rapport between Scott and Weirdo Al on his various appearances on the podcast and show.


    Also was glad to hear they're going with a version of the Watts theme, Cudi's theme was great but I kind of like having versions of the same theme song as a point of connection between the podcast and the TV show.

  5. "Gimme the ring! Gimme the ring! Gimme the ring!"


    < hands Nausica the ring >


    "I wish for, you know, whatever I guess."


    < violently murders Nausica >


    Not far from what happened, but I would have loved if her god had decided their talents were of use right where they were, and they wasted a wish to teleport three feet to the right or whatever.

  6. When will these guys learn that their enemy's enemy is not their friend? "Oh, these giants are fighting the giants who wanted to kill us, let's be friends, uh-oh, they want to kill us too, let's get away, oh, these fish are fighting the second giants, they must be our friends, oh wait, they're not our friends? I guess that means the second giants are our friends after all!"


    Also, I think the lesson with the fish is when you turn your back on a quest for no reason, that quest will eventually come back to haunt you, and it will be bigger and worse.


    Also, this development makes me so happy because it makes my Nerd Poker fanart from last year once again relevant (or technically for-the-first-time relevant, since by the time I got the right color-scheme pieces to make the final version they'd already run away)....


    acr2X3Lm.jpg csPd8g9m.jpg

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  7. The clackers also gave rise to the fastastically captioned United States v. Article Consisting of 50,000 Cardboard Boxes More or Less, Each Containing One Pair of Clacker Balls, 413 F. Supp. 1281 (D. Wisc. 1976), which involved the seizure at behest of the consumer products safety commission of, well, what it says on the label.


    (A bit of context on the weird case caption: Seizure of goods cases tend to proceed in rem, or under jurisdiction arising over things, rather than in personam, or under jurisdiction arising over real or legal persons; as such, case captions are styled with the articles in question as the "defendant" rather than actual interested parties. My favorite case of this sort is United States v. 594,464 Pounds of Salmon, More or Less, 871 F.2d 824 (9th Cir. 1989), just because I like to imagine around 300 tons of salmon sitting at counsel table...)

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    It could also be that Android users are more likely to listen (exclusively or along with their phones) on their computers and/or other devices, whereas iPhone users might listen exclusively or mostly on their iPhones, in which case this way would make more sense since it would be serving how people actually consume the content rather than what device(s) they own. But that's pure speculation on my part.


    That's what I was guessing, in which case this is sort of a double middle finger to those listeners, since in the case of people who listen on an mp3 player and who don't retain full archives of back episodes, and who miss the "at least a few days" before they unhost the old eps, they can't listen to old eps on the device they have been using, and also don't have an app yet on the device they do have...

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  9. 3) Misleading/incomplete/unclear/dishonest explanation for why (1) had/has to happen. Explaining it away as a better new-user experience doesn't make sense. Scott, you yourself said *in this very thread* that you wanted to keep certain entire catalogs on Earwolf free specifically so that "as many people to listen to it as possible", which clearly contradicts the stated concept of "if we only allow recent episodes, more people will listen". I should mention that it's possible that you guys have done some research on this topic and come to the surprising conclusion, and if so then lots of my assumptions here would be unfair. However, with current information, the explanation appears wholly unsatisfactory.


    Yeah, if this were pitched as "hey, let's be honest, we need to be able to monetize this somehow if we want to keep doing this, and this is how it's going to work" it would be a lot more acceptable than "look at this great new service that lets you pay to get things that used to be free in a more cubmersome/limited way with speculative value-add at best, isn't it exciting?"


    I'm not against paying for podcast content; I maintain a monthly donation of significantly more than $4.99 to Maximum Fun, and if this service ever looks like an actual worthwhile value I'll gladly pay it, but not a fan of the way it's being rolled out.

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  10. Got to say, big second on the UX concerns. I may be in a minority by now, but I strongly prefer to listen to things on a dedicated media device rather than streaming to my phone or computer, for a variety of reasons, and not being able to listen to old stuff other than through that is rough. No big for me, as I'm a long-time listener with all the back eps downloaded already (though now will have to make a point to keep a hard back-up of EW shows), but if I were a new listener coming to the shows honestly there's a good chance I'd take a look at that choice and decide it wasn't worth the trouble to get in to. I know listeners like me are probably a fringe case--strong preference for listening on a media-player device plus aversion to picking up a show midway without listening through whole archives--but still a turn-off.


    All that said, if this is what it takes for EW to be able to stay a running concern, can't really fault y'all for it.

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  11. Clear something out for me if you would: can we still listen to the old/new episodes thru Earwolf.com, rss feeds and other podcasting apps, or is the plan to move all the episodes to the Howl app/site?


    Yeah, I was wondering this too, is the "eps over 6 months under paywall" model for the ad-free/remastered eps through the app only, or is the plan to go to the rolling-six-month model across the board? No criticism if it is, if that's what it takes to keep all the great content coming, just have to make sure to add the Earwolf podcasts to my list of things to keep backed up off my primary HD...

  12. Now that they're near the ocean, part of me really wants them to run up against fish robots, who have managed to become an unstoppable power because the party turned tail and ran from the one opportunity they were presented for an actual plot...

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