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  1. Hey Paul, I'm sure you've been made aware of this by a billion nerds already, but The Holiday Special is unfortunately not canon. I know this because I worked for a brief period with a company that makes Star Wars-skinned board games and every tiny detail was carefully vetted by Lucas/Disney. Many of us working on the game would talk about the gloriousness that is this special, and as such we tried our best to sneak in references to it in the game. But, alas, even a cursory mention of Life Day in the flavor text didn't make it past Lucas/Disney's ever-watchful eye. So, no matter how bad we want it, Bea Arthur's next appearance in the Star Wars Universe is likely far, far away.
  2. Yancy got fancy with Joe Boy and Nancy, as Tom Clancy got dancey in the country of Francey
  3. I figured you needed a few fresh handles to go with Hot Saucerman, Hot Soccermom, Shop Talkerman, and Shock Jockerman.