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  1. JohnDaniel

    Episode 184 - Johnny Mnemonic: LIVE!

    The slow reveal of Paul's tragic childhood makes me laugh out loud. Only he could roll with it this well.
  2. JohnDaniel

    In The Blood (2014)

    She was in Deadpool, as well. Gina was probably the first marketable female MMA star. Ronda Rousey credits her as the pioneer that made her own career possible. I watch her movies because I like her. ;-)
  3. JohnDaniel

    In The Blood (2014)

    It's a Gina Carano movie. It's not so horrible that you can't enjoy it, but there are hilarious continuity issues.
  4. JohnDaniel

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    The puking was rough.
  5. JohnDaniel

    Episode 62 — Dwarf Surfboard

    I thought the Wizard Staff drinking game/accomplishment was pretty fun.
  6. So, Chip gets to do this every week, right? Amazing.