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  1. MichaelThompson

    No Episode 89???

    What's the record for hitting refresh on the podcast page?
  2. MichaelThompson

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    That Charisma is a Botch-block, Beeeatch! Brought to you by science.
  3. MichaelThompson

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    On top of that, the pod has given me an itch to get involved with D&D (or other tabletop RPGs) and I don't know anyone in my area that plays. I am essentially brand new to RPGs excluding the few campaigns I played when I was in my early teens. That was 3d10 moons/years ago. I am buying the Red Box starter set this weekend and going to introduce my son to it too. Hopefully, that will fulfill the itch for awhile until I can find a game with adults. Enough of this whining before Amarth descends from Valhalla and smites me with his Devastating Strike. Swinging his weapon over his head, landing a shattering blow that cracks my armor and breaks my clavicle.
  4. MichaelThompson

    Episode 60 — The Man Rats

    Just finished powering through the 60 episodes over the last month and a half. I was f*ing spoiled. I was able to load the next episode up immediately after finishing one. Now, I have to wait a f*ing week to hear Sir Richard drunkenly destroy man rats and Mildred pine for Billy Joel? Never-mind the cliffhanger botch! This SUCKS! Oh ... and I miss Ell Ryan and his spirit bear in a non homo-erotic way. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Edit: Added the botch cliffhanger. <doh>