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    Podcasting, sketch writing, improv, Teddy Roosevelt, the Pope, sunflower seeds.
  1. It's been a while since I heard this classic dub remix of the Dollar Shave Dub. It's a classic Black Ark remix of the Toots hit featuring Ph.D. Quest on everything. https://soundcloud.com/phdquest/dollar-shave-dub-plugs
  2. PaulF.Stamegna

    Revival Reggae Plugs

    A parody of the Toots and the Metals song, Revival Reggae. Jah is Plugs. https://soundcloud.c...al-reggae-plugs Ph.D. Quest AKA Tuff Dandy
  3. PaulF.Stamegna

    Triple Pluggle

    We have the Cake Boss and Hot Saucerman on the mic with Questlab Podcasts and Triple Pluggle. https://soundcloud.c.../triple-pluggle Ph.D. Quest The World's Greatest Composer