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  1. This was a great last episode
  2. Stokely

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    Holy fucking shit.
  3. Stokely

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

  4. OK...I'm just checking in to let you guys know that I paused the podcast and went straight to stamps.com before I did anything else. I followed the instructions and now I'm being forced to spend my hard-earned money? What the fuck, Scott!
  5. Stokely

    Episode 274 — Oh, Golly!

    I want Scott to be the supreme evil so much.
  6. I really hope Bono gives those two U2 t-shirts to you two, and hopefully he'll come on the show and talk U2 to you two too.
  7. There is just so much material to work with here...I think anybody who has seen Blank Check would have to agree that it would make for an excellent episode. Check it out.