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  1. 7 hours ago, babymech said:

    I'm happy to see that they gave Stephen King a well-deserved burn for always telling the same story, based on two examples that have almost nothing to do with King's stories. The Shocker, as Paul briefly alluded to, was not just directed but written by Wes Craven; the Lawnmower Man has nothing to do with the King short story other than sharing the name - King's story is about an evil incarnation of Pan moonlighting as a lawnmower man eating both grass and people. People definitely need to give Stephen King more shit for this - all these stories he never wrote  are just way too similar.

    I was kind of laughing whenever the mentioned King. Obviously, there's no connection to Shocker (a movie my parents wouldn't let me watch as a kid because it was "too scary", and boy was I disappointed when I got older and finally watched it). In the case of Lawnmower Man, they originally tried marketing it as "Stephen King's Lawnmower Man" but he sued them to make them stop.

  2. Curious about who E.L. Bachem/Elee Bachem is. They're listed as the writer of at least four Gabrielle Niebauer movies: "Governor Gabbi" and "Band of Keepers" (as E.L. Bachem), as well as "Cold Kate" and "Heart KPop" (as Elee Bachem). Anyone else think it's just Gabrielle Niebauer  under a pseudonym?

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  3. I looked into the screenwriter, Skip woods, and he seems like a character. His other screenwriting credits include films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Died Hard parts 4 & 5, The A-Team, Sabotage, and the Hitman movies. His only directing credit to date is for a 1998 movie called Thursday, which he also wrote. I legitimately stopped reading the plot after I got to this part:

    During the interview, Dallas, who wants the money that she believes Nick left with Casey along with the heroin, shows up. She scares Dr. Jarvis away by telling a story about Casey's drug-dealing and murdering past. When left alone with Casey, Dallas questions him about the money's whereabouts. Angry that he cannot help her, she decides to kill him, but not before she ties him to a chair, fellates him to force an erection, strips naked, and proceeds to mount and rape him. She tells him she will not kill him until he orgasms and she plans to go on until she makes him do so. Delivering on her word, she reaches multiple orgasms, but gets no results from him. While Dallas reaches a third orgasm, Billy breaks in and shoots her, splattering her blood all over Casey, his walls, and his floor.

  4. Click here to see Sexy's profile on Amazon.

    tl;dr version: An (alleged) Islamophobe who gave a bad review to an Emma Watson calendar because it listed Islamic holidays, is super Catholic yet hates Pope Francis for being a "lazy liberal", wants to warn men to be wary of Feminazis lest they fall in love with "dangerous female con-artists", and is angered by tiny typesetting,

    While it is weird, I do like his take-down of Joel Osteen: "Delusional Joel Osteen, that uneducated Protestant American pastor, sung the praises of evil English queen Elizabeth I, even though she was a mass murderer in every sense of the word! Protestants love to hide and ignore history. Make them face their own evils!"

  5. Found this comment about the Charles Barkley doll on a YouTube clip from the film:



    Joseph Bolton5 months ago

    I own the actual prop doll from this film. It was a custom made prop and was signed by C.B. I recently inherited it from my father, who was the production designer. The story he told me was that the prop department were freaking out when he came in for his cameo because when they saw him, they realised that they had made it 5 shades to dark and they were worried he would be offended, or think that they did it on purpose. Turned our that he loved it and didn't care. It's kind of a funny thing to own.



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  6. Two minor corrections, and not really pertaining to anything they said about the movie during the show.


    1) At the end of the show, Paul said the movie "Opening Night" was in theaters. He obviously meant "Rough Night".


    2) If you download the show from Soundcloud you'll see that the film is mis-titled "Ninja Warrior" in the filename.