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  1. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Poker Is Ending :(

    If anyone is interested, here is a link to a reddit, in the comments it seems to confirm that it's a break and that several people have big projects coming up: https://www.reddit.c...ker_on_earwolf/
  2. AmandaL.Morgan

    In Search of a Storyline

    I know right? *Jesus glances at his dick* "Shhh, be at peace...."
  3. AmandaL.Morgan

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I know HunteJE mentioned The Adventure Zone and I just wanted to second that suggestion. Holy shit episodes 3-4 was awesomely funny. Try it.
  4. AmandaL.Morgan

    In Search of a Storyline

    Nerd Poker is never not funny. Let me be clear about that. There is not one person that hasn't been awesome. Dick jokes, pranking on the mics, it's all great, but you have a point. When Hug (née ken) wanted to use the Ring Of Wishing just to get back to the beginning because he was so tired of fighting mute giants all the time; it was obvious that this giant scenario wasn't really going anywhere. And Dan's Moon Festival was a great change/break from the 'Just Kill All Giants' routine. I think you are right about Blaine. I am not knocking him, he's an awesome entertainer and makes me laugh the most with his references. But now I have to admit he plays better as a character. Sorry, I do not want to start a war, no butt hurt intended. This podcast is a constant on my ipod and I really want it to continue.
  5. AmandaL.Morgan

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    Great episode, but I only give it 7 out of 10 for the lack of Mildred and Sir Richard. I realise they have lives (and Sir Dick is dead), but it's only half the fun without them. Would it be possible to have a 'guest' come in role play a temporary part while a player or two is out? Now I'm not knocking anyone's ability to role play for someone while they're out, it's just a suggestion.
  6. AmandaL.Morgan

    Episode 70 — The Kitchen Caper

    I can't help but think that the rat phamacist must have known this might happen. Damien did offer to try to break the curse while explaining that he didn't know when it (if) it would work. And the disscussion with the same pharmacist about the plan to kill the dirty rat was about the lifting of the curse when Gor died.
  7. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Pokerish

    Saaaaarrrkkkkk: http://wtaq.com/news...he-fuel-system/ UNDATED (WSAU) -- Mazda is recalling around 42,000 cars because of spider problems. It turns out the fuel system of the Mazda 6 can attract a species of spider called the yellow sac spider. Those spiders then weave webs inside of the fuel line which can cause excessive pressure in the tank, leading to fuel leaks and possibly fires. The recall involves a group of cars produced in Michigan in 2010 through 2012 with 2.5-liter engines. This is not the first time Mazda has had to recall cars over spider issues. They had to issue a recall in 2011 for the same problem when spiders started making homes inside of fuel systems. Mazda owners will get a software update for their cars that will prevent excessive pressure
  8. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Pokerish

    Amon Amarth ftw.
  9. AmandaL.Morgan

    Questions for Sark

    I think was sent to report the presence of the rat people in the tunnel to the king, but right after he was sent there was a tunnel collapse and it was unknown wether he made it of was caught in the deliberate collapse.
  10. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Pokerish

    http://www.pastemaga...-1954-2014.html "Old-school Dungeons & Dragons fans are mourning the death of David Trampier, a once-famed fantasy artist who contributed to the game’s original allure—only to mysteriously disappear from the public eye in the 1980s. Trampier, 59, died on March 24 at a nursing and rehab facility in Carbondale, Illinois. Scott Thorne, owner of Carbondale gaming store Castle Perilous, had been in touch with the elusive Trampier before his death and wrote in a blog post that the artist was recently diagnosed with cancer and suffered a stroke. In the late 1970s, Trampier’s paintings and drawings peppered the manuals and modules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, the first edition of the groundbreaking role-playing game. He also authored Wormy, a long-running comic strip in the D&D magazine Dragon, which joked about RPGs from the monsters’ point of view."
  11. AmandaL.Morgan

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    NO! No---It's REAL!
  12. AmandaL.Morgan

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    Rolling against puking... Good show. I actually don't mind hearing about leveling up. It's part of the D&D process and you get to hear the reasons why characters get/choose different abilities. Still miss Mildred and Sir Dick.
  13. AmandaL.Morgan

    Episode 68 — Gnasher Poison

    Sorry Sark...Had to tease.
  14. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Pokerish

    Sad news....:Dave Brockie, the lead singer and founder of the shock-rock band GWAR, was found dead in his Richmond, Virginia, home on Sunday, WTVR reports. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/03/24/dave-brockie-lead-singer-of-shock-rock-band-gwar-found-dead-in-his-richmond-home/
  15. AmandaL.Morgan

    Nerd Pokerish

    In Billy Joel News, Or 'Things That Should Not Be'. NEW YORK (AP) — In a rare and unusual mix of rock legends, AC/DC lead singer Brian Johnson made a surprise appearance at Billy Joel's concert at Madison Square Garden and played the metal band's classic, "You Shook Me All Night Long." Joel introduced Johnson about halfway through the show Friday night, saying Johnson was part of one of the best bands he'd ever seen live. The packed arena erupted when Joel and his band began playing the rock anthem with Johnson on lead vocals. The show was part of a series of concerts by Joel at the Garden. He's playing there monthly as an artist-in-residence. Friday's show included a mix of Joel standards such as "Uptown Girl" and "Big Shot" as well as less-played songs, such as "The Ballad of Billy the Kid."