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    Paywall Special Announcement

    Ahh, thanks for that. I did find a streaming audio recorder which is free and highly rated. So I think I've solved my personal dilemma.
  2. Bodhilv

    Paywall Special Announcement

    You do a lot of name calling. People are upset; your attempt at minimizing their feelings by calling them names for expressing their anger/disappointment is inappropriate. If you think all is fine, maybe express that feeling rather than attacking others.
  3. Bodhilv

    Paywall Special Announcement

    How come you get to decide who what everyone else's opinion is on this?
  4. Bodhilv

    Paywall Special Announcement

    So, During the paywall announcement paul made it sound as though one could download the episodes. I started my $5 per month account (I'm not paying for a year of this fucked idea up front) and I cannot download the episodes from the howl site. I'm sure there is software which will make this possible, can anyone make a suggestion? Also, my two cents. I'm only surprised that Jason went along with this. I really thought he would have a line in the sand on this. That earwolf would do this, that paul would "be a company man" as he himself stated but I'm really surprised that Jason would buckle. It's not like he needs this, he was/is doing this because it's fun. Not even really disappointed but I am surprised.
  5. Bodhilv

    Submit your new HDTGM logo here!

    i LOVE this! Thank you for making it.
  6. Bodhilv

    Episode 95.5 — Minisode 95.5

    Thanks very much, not a facebook/twitter person and was wondering what had happened.
  7. Bodhilv

    Left Behind (2014)

    http://www.christianpost.com/news/left-behind-preview-clip-featuring-nicolas-cage-released-actor-calls-rapture-fascinating-113609/ (drops mic)