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    Wow, you're lucky. I listen to a baseball podcast with a Canadian host who does this, and it's borderline maddening given the number of Latino players whose names he butchers.


    if jonah keri is throwing out a bunch of 'twats' i gotta check in on his podcast

  2. I'm sure it's unnecessary and dickish to post that I don't like a picture, but there's just something about it that annoys the hell out of me and I felt like saying it. I apologize on behalf of the patriarchy if I triggered any of you snowflakes.


    "this meaningless thing made me mad and i was incapable of keeping my thoughts about it to myself. i don't know why the rest of you friggin sjws are so easily TRIGGERED"

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  3. a lot of people are weirdly trying to critique an app designed to correct issues with the current monetization system by saying 'the old system was, anecdotally, good for getting people into new episodes!'


    like maybe this won't work and maybe it will be harder to get your friends into it without THE ABSOLUTE BEST EPISODES EVER, but saying 'it works fine for me now!' is pretty clearly missing the point

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