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    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    There are two things that happen in the first scene of the movie that kill me: 1) Had the semi drivers just kept going they would have plowed right through Sly and gotten away, with only two bullet holes in the window and the smeared remains of his body stuck in the grille. And 2) Jack Palance drove by the bust as it was happening. That means that this huge kingpin drug dealer (?) keeps such a close eye on his thugs that he shadows them as they do his bidding. Didn't the chopper that was following the chase notice the stretch limo speeding behind the semi and Sly's car?! This movie also includes yet another scene of Sly insulting someone's eating habits. In Over the Top it was too much ketchup, in Rhinestone he's anti-sushi, and in Cobra he's not a fan of pizza. Now in Tango & Cash his target is spaghetti, which according to him is a sure fire sign that someone is not counting their calories. Side note: In response to whether or not we watch before listening, I always watch the movie beforehand. I don't think it's necessary, but is fun to watch trying to guess which parts will delight Paul, offend June and turn on Jason.
  2. KurtMoney

    Episode 93 — Staying Alive: LIVE!

    This might have been suggested in the show, but I definitely think Satan's Alley is the story of the movie Staying Alive. If the Frank songs were written in real time as events unfolded, there's no reason the broadway show couldn't be choreographed in real time as well. I also think Sly was verrrrry happy with himself when he made sure both the movie and the show have the same initials, "S.A."
  3. KurtMoney

    Episode 84 — No Holds Barred: LIVE!

    Wow. This is definitely an instant classic ep. Might even be up there with Over The Top, my personal fave. Three things I was hoping would get pointed out: 1. Kurt Fuller testing the chair out before his first meeting with Hulkster and saying something about, "how that big lug doesn't break it." 2. My favorite moment was when Jacob From Lost And Dexter screams during the final fight, "Come on Rip, Tryyyyyy!!!" What a dick move coming from someone who was coached back to health by a guy who should have been training and the best thing he can yell is "Tryyyy"?! 3. Zeus was working out to a tape of Kurt Fuller telling him what the Hulkster was saying about him. Fuller's dedication as a do it all psychopath network executive knows no bounds. Also...I loved Tom Lennon's commitment to always referring to Hulk Hogan as Hulkster. Great ep.