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    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    I'm finally getting around to listening to this now and I am having a super June time with it. Because I KNOW I have seen this film. I remember watching it and being angry at it and it wasn't that long ago. But when they're talking about it I cannot, for the life of me, recall or picture a single thing that they are talking about. Like, I think I remember cars? And a boat? And when they play that exposition thing, I remember that, but then nothing?? I don't know what is happening. Whatever June has it's infected me and I feel unsafe, send help. I guess I erased it from my mind to hold better things, like, um, buns? Also, I'm happy they addressed the paywall thing. I had been listening to old CBB eps recently and they suddenly stopped working and I didn't know why. So it's nice to have an explanation and know that they were just as surprised and want to fix it.
  2. Would like confirmation whether this Knife was also The Knife, co-host of The Worst Idea Of All Time. If so, he really has a long standing career, as well as a home being stuck at TSA.
  3. OMG This is amazing!! I want this on a shirt right now. ETA, Do you have a tumblr/whatever where I can follow you like a non-creepy creeper?
  4. nickelcurry


    Is there a list of people doing supercuts? I want to do one if there's time, but I don't want to do one someone else is already doing, haha. Also, is there time?
  5. Now I'm curious. If you wouldn't classify it as a tragedy, what would it be? I'm firmly against it being a romance, so.. Is it just a drama then? Or cautionary tale..? Also, that Romeo + Juliet movie is one of my guilty pleasures. I did a project on it in college where I had to watch it over and over to find clips to splice together, which made me a little insane, but I still like it, haha.
  6. That is a legit amazing thing to anonymously send to a stranger. I want to do that to someone I don't know, but still want to find out how they took it.. I have bought my brother Nic Cage pillows (not those ones) and a shirt with his screaming face all over, and those are damn good presents.
  7. Pretty much the most roundabout way of finding out if someone is guilty or not which would not even hold up in court. Mostly sure he just wanted to put on a play, but was like, "eeeesh, I'm supposed to be avenging my father.. ugghhhhh.. maybe I can fit that in somewhere.." It is insane how that movie is portrayed as a romance, honestly. They are nuts children. And also, Mercutio was honestly the best part of it, no questions. PS, thank you both for indulging me, haha.
  8. Hamlet nearly exclusively failed at revenge. Sorry, sometimes I like to hijack threads to talk about how silly Hamlet is. I feel better now.
  9. Just a thought, if we're talking about making another Mannequin movie: I propose a MANnequin and Nundercover crossover rom-com. She's taken a vow of celibacy, he has literally no junk, but they're both super in to each other. The meet cute could be, say, Nun trying to escape her enemies in a department store, stands super still in an aisle of mannequins until her pursuers give up and leave. She's all like, "phew," and then the MANnequin is like, "that sure left me SCARED STIFF!" And then Nun goes, "Wh-wh-wh-whaaaaaaat," falls over and MANnequin catches her in his perfectly smooth arms. "I always thought the only man I would ever fall for would be a man of miracles, but this is ridiculous!" It's a tale as old as time.
  10. nickelcurry

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    Haha, oh wow, when Jason tells us, we listen! I'll leave it to you then! Let me know if you need any help or whatever with it and post the link when it's all done!
  11. nickelcurry

    Episode 135 - Solarbabies: LIVE!

    Somewhat unrelated, but I just wanted to pipe in and say I'll make a tumblr for nerd notes, just wanted to know if people would actually submit to it if I made one, haha. I think it'd be cool to see too, anyway.
  12. nickelcurry

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    No one mentioned that Rose seemed to be, maybe, 16. Especially in the scene where they are in the bath together, it was like a father having some gross play time with his daughter, so super disturbing. And when it was mentioned that Bakula was dating someone way young before he died, Bruce didn't think it was a good idea, but apparently it was alright when he did it? And the fact that no one ever brought up that "oh yea, he was dating some mysterious lady before he was killed, and here I just met one who knows the combo for the alarm," drove me insane. I also need to just mention that the dinner break they had in between crazy sex blew my mind. Let me just cook you a steak dinner you can eat while staring at my vag, and then we can get back to the under-age sexcapades? Oh, and Bruce's tan lines. Needed to be mentioned. I now feel like "snake in the mailbox" is the new jumping the shark. And how he flew backwards when he saw it and nearly got run over by a car. He could have literally gotten up and moved away from it and would have been safe. Not that there are any factual things in the movie, but I question if you can just go colourblind like some sort of PTSD like that. And how little that actually had to do with the movie. And he didn't see pink either, so were people all just grey blobs to him? No sense. Rose also said she'd stop wearing lipstick for him, which would make zero difference since her lips were already a colour he couldn't see. And the next time she sees him, she's wearing a red dress. Oh, and it wouldn't be "an indeterminate colour," wouldn't he know it was red since he sees red as grey? So just tell your brain that grey stuff is probably red. It's not going to be blue, Bruce. Come on.
  13. nickelcurry

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    Yes! I was so confused by this. Like, was he narrating for the people around him or does he just do this all the time, because he should be in therapy for that.