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  1. Just found out this existed. Checked it out and it is very hdtgm worthy.
  2. JamesBundtrock

    Caligula (1979)

    Just watched this today and........wow. Why on earth did I think it was a good idea to watch the uncensored version. There is some seriously disturbing scenes in here not including the porn. This would be an amazing hdtgm episode even if it is unlikely.
  3. JamesBundtrock

    Fateful Findings Seattle Show

    Thought I would be the guinea pig and purchased the movie through the .biz site with PayPal. I got my receipt from PayPal but no comms from the seller whatsoever. Website says it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. I have an email and phone number for the seller (films111) and will reach out to them soon. Oh and purchased 8/16/19.
  4. JamesBundtrock

    Fateful Findings (2013)

    This is our movie for the first Seattle showing. Anybody know how to see this without buying it from Neil Breen himself for $25?
  5. JamesBundtrock

    Babes in Toyland (1986)

    Bump for XMAS!!! What a perfect time for this wonderful holiday classic. The monster costumes are 1960s Doctor Who level corny!!1
  6. JamesBundtrock

    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    When we first meet Jake he is in a shirt and undies. Did anybody else think we might get to see some Hulk Hogan style feet on the bed push ups?
  7. JamesBundtrock

    Ass Backwards

    Is any movie the hosts are in off limits? I wouldn't mind hearing June talk about Unfinished Business. Guess that is also supposed to be a comedy despite being one the unfunniest things I have seen recently.
  8. JamesBundtrock

    Return to Oz (1985)

    I love this movie! Surprised no one has mentioned that Dorothy is Fairuza Balk. If they were to actually do this film it would be her third film on HDTGM if you count Bad Lieutenant. That might put her in some rarified air.
  9. JamesBundtrock

    Mortdecai (2015)

    We had a movie marathon which we watched in this order; Maps to the stars, wedding ringer and then Mortdecai. Sad to say we saved the best for last. I actually enjoyed Mortdecai but not sure if it was due to the first two stinkers.
  10. JamesBundtrock

    Annie (2014)

    Just sat through this. Autotune heaven, definitely HDTGM worthy material.
  11. JamesBundtrock

    Escape Plan (2013)

    Just finished this and thought I would throw my vote in for this as well. Such a flawed concept packed in with Sly, Arnold and Bullet Tooth Tony! Flawed concept being the super secret prison designed for guys who need to be "disappeared". Yeah, let us spend billions housing and feeding these super criminals, not like they could just kill them and save the money.