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  1. Ghost_Anvil

    Questions for Sark

    As asked elsewhere: WHAT HAPPENED TO STARGOOOOOYLE? Poor lil' fella.
  2. Ghost_Anvil

    Episode 73 β€” Space Ship Attack

    Holy shit, I was content until you raised this. Sark, you were one hell of a great 'shitty DM', all the best with Sark Jr, and I really hope to see you come back out to the coast and have a few more laughs...
  3. Ghost_Anvil

    Episode 72 β€” Heading Down To Glinishmore

    How weird...I am always listening to improv4humans but am about 2 months behind. I look forward to finding out what you're talking about!
  4. Ghost_Anvil

    Episode 72 β€” Heading Down To Glinishmore

    An episode with no Blackie Green is like school in summertime..."no class!" (glad to have Mildred back...the group needs her sanity, even if Glinnishmore is bittersweet sans-Sir Richard).
  5. Ghost_Anvil

    Knights of Badassdom

    Didn't even know about this movie - thanks! Between this and Lloyd the Conqueror, I think BP's carving himself quite the niche in cinΓ©ma du LARP.
  6. Ghost_Anvil

    Is the Rafflecast dead?

    Six months later with no Rafflecast, I'm almost tempted to not believe Brett. This really kills me - Rafflecast is the way I discovered Jon Daly and every one of those Building the Tracks were remarkable and among my favourite podcasts of any variety. RAFFLECAST IS DEAD LONG LIVE RAFFLECAST!
  7. Ghost_Anvil

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    Thanks all for the tips - been suffering a bit with some awkward Actual Play podcasts but it looks like there's some decent suggestions here!
  8. Ghost_Anvil

    What guest do you want to see?

    It seems a more severe oversight that Blaine Capatch hasn't been on CBB. He's quick-witted, musical, consistently hilarious and has a hundred characters he could draw from (okay they're all radio guys from the 60s). He's already on a Earwolf Podcast - Nerd Poker. Of course you might need to wait until he's done with writing for At Midnight if time is a factor. But seriously...BLAINE CAPATCH.