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    Deadly Prey (1987)

    Please, please, PLEASE, you guys, we have got to get this on the show! 1) as someone mentioned before, it's absolutely free to watch on YouTube and 2) it is bat-shit insane. It is up there with The Room. I discovered this little gem a few years back and the trailer alone blew my mind. It is worth watching just for Mike Danton's monologues alone. "I owe you nuthin'". I fucking love this movie.
  2. JoseAlbertoRomo

    If Looks Could Kill (1991)

    I Fucking love this movie!!! It's so bad and do cheesy that It's a definitive must watch. I was able yo buy a copy but only through the Warner shop from their movie archive. You have to order it special made though. I would definitely order and send HDTGM a copy if they wanted to. It's that good.