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    I run NeverNotNotes.com, the official home of show notes for Never Not Funny.
  1. Over at Never Not Notes, you can see that Garon's notes include all the stuff he looks up, whether Jimmy gets back to him on it or not.
  2. Re Clackers: Those things were incredibly dangerous, even without shattering! I was a kid/teen in the 70s and my brother and sister and I had them. Looking back, I can't believe they ever made it to market! We all had knots and bruises on our heads, faces, and arms from those things. Once the original ones with string were pulled from the market, they introduced a version with rigid "arms" that make getting knocked in the face much less likely. (Those were also much less fun.)
  3. DarrylAsher

    Episode 1519 - Nick Kroll

    Agreed about the back episodes. Aukerman, Todd Glass, Graham Elwood, the many Pat Francis episodes, and Danielle Koenig's appearances are all fantastic.
  4. Show notes: http://nevernotnotes.com/2014/02/19/1403-flip-flopping-with-john-ross-bowie/
  5. DarrylAsher

    Episode 1402 - Adam Scott

    Show notes: http://nevernotnotes.com/2014/02/08/1402-obvious-trivia-with-adam-scott/
  6. Show notes: http://nevernotnotes.com/2014/02/03/1401-joe-lo-truglio-kicks-off-season-14/