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    The Pacifier

    It's more like a high-tech 'raiders of the lost ark' vault scene... in a baby-sitter comedy...
  2. ElieB

    The Pacifier

    Don't want to ruin the ending but i have to say, Paul and the gang could probably spend a whole hour just talking about *SPOILER ALERT*: the rube goldberg-like booby-trap vault sequence at the end. WHAT A PAYOFF
  3. ElieB

    The Pacifier

    *BUMP* & YES! I was prowling imdb yesterday for Mr.Nanny-esque films (don't ask) when I found this gem. You may have thought to yourself, "Mr. Nanny and Suburban Commando are the Inimitable product of the 90's" but you would be WRONG. I give you, The Pacifier. Vin Diesel? Check. TERRIBLE acting? Check. Undercover suburban ninjas? Check. Cute code names? Check. Shoving life-lessons down your throat? Check. But best of all it's written/scripted by the great Thomas Lennon. Did I mention it's great? Best-worst-movie I've seen all year.
  4. ElieB

    Winter's Tale

    OOOOOHHHHH HOLY CRAP ITS HAPPENING. I was wishing I'd have HDTGM to justify spending money seeing this piece of shit! *victory dance* Thanks guys!
  5. ElieB

    Winter's Tale

    In lieu of the HDTGM folk actually doing an episode about Winter's Tale, this article can give us all some insight into the absolutely bonkers plot of this movie. The Q&A style review is called 'Winter's Tale is SO dumb' http://www.huffingto...f=entertainment