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    Good Movies Recommendations

    I go in for a different kind of good movie. Defendor (2009) http://www.imdb.com/...=ttvi_vi_imdb_2 I think this one went completely under the radar. I've never seen or heard anyone talk about it. Bout an orphan'd simpleton(Woody Harrelson) who grows up with a grudge against a fictitious character of the man he thinks killed his mother. Turns vigilante, calls himself Defendor, starts a crusade against crooked cops and criminals with the aid of his prostitute friend-come-caregiver (Kat Dennings). Sandra Oh as his court appointed psychiatrist. Elias Koteas as a crooked cop. Fantastic superhero satire with heart and a lot of great gags. But at the same time, it's batshit crazy. Thought about posting this one in the movie/episode I'd like to host thread but I don't wanna disparage it too much. I love it.
  2. ElieB

    Sphere (1998)

    I loooooove this movie and no one will ever convince that it's crap. Go ahead and try. For one thing, how many well-produced movies do we get that take place deep under water?? It gives me that suspenseful feeling that June gets from watching movies that take place on planes. ANYthing could happen! And in fact, anything literally happens in this movie. [spoilerS] + am a sucker for alien contact, space and time travel. [/spoilerS]
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    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    Haven't listened yet. Only sampled a bit of early thread commentary. Feedback on Anna being possibly drunk and/or stoned has only hyped me more for an episode about a movie I would absolutely despise. As I typically save my listenings for late evening drunk and/or stoned walks, I feel I will be in the perfect headspace. Also I listen to Anna's podcast and enjoy her actual persona much more than her acting work so I've got faith in this ep. Really excited for a studio episode again. Not nearly enough of those and I'm glad I won't be hearing audience impressions of terrible songs.
  4. ElieB

    USS Indianapolis (2016)

    It doesn't have nearly enough 'full-on-cage', for sure. I'm absolutely stunned by the budget because it was absolute trash... I watched it while doing some work and it was boring the shit out of me even just half paying attention. Like stunningly boring. The non stop shark attacks were more annoying than terrifying cause there was zero attachment to any characters. and most Importantly [spoilerS/I dont know how to use the spoilers tags/SPOILERS] -> This movie is about a secret mission to ship a nuclear bomb... I thought, hmmm I didn't know they sailed the bomb across the ocean to japan. I figured they flew them over there, hoping island bases or something. This should be interesting! So from the synopsis I had the impression they would at least succeed in delivering the bomb cause, you know, hiroshima. NOPE. I guess there's an old fatman bomb sitting on the pacific ocean floor somewhere now?? I mean they didn't have a whole lot of those back in the day. I feel like it would have been major news if the navy had just lost one! But basically, the bomb is just a total red herring and non-factor to the plot of this movie, like basically everything else in it. Continued SPOILER Edit: ^ scratch all that, they do actually deliver the damn bomb, it just happens so quickly and with so little fanfare I must have completely missed it on my first watch... Movie makes a lot more sense narratively now but it's still crazy boring.
  5. Minor gilmore girls spoiler: Was anyone else really turned on when Rory kept repeating "I slept with a wookie!" I totally haven't watched it but walked in on someone else watching it at probably the best possible moment.
  6. ElieB

    Good Movies Recommendations

    Continuing my run of natural disaster/apocalyptic movies, i'm watching Miracle Mile (1989) synopsis: "A young man meets and falls in love with a young woman at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. This area is known as Miracle Mile, and the whole movie takes place there. They make a date, which he misses, and while he is searching for her, he accidentally finds out that we (the United States) are about to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. He frantically searches for her so that they can escape Los Angeles." He finds out by answering a call over a pay phone outside some dinner and the entire movie is framed with the suspicion of wondering whether the call was real or not. It's great. Almost reminds me of playing that one 1980's grand theft auto. Moves at a great pace, characters are all pretty great, good suspence throughout, stands up well for an 80's flick. Hell it would be a great movie to reboot actually.
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    Trailer Talk

    Ooph, stop the trailer half way through cause its just giving away so many sets. But you know what? I can't tell which it is either. Anticipating a good bad-movie watch really. Though i'm afraid its going to be too medieval-epic good-vs-evil for it to be as funny as it ought to be. I'm afraid Man from UNCLE was a sign of things to come in that he's lost his comedic touch.
  8. omg I'd never heard of that happening. Oh noooooo. That might be the only time the adage 'There's no such thing as bad publicity' was proven wrong. As far as Emily laughing, I did find that a touch annoying in the first 20mins or so of the podcast but she settled in and i thought she was pretty good on the show. Though I do wish Neil Casey had had more to contribute overall. Love that dude, and his twitter account. I am feeling nostalgic for the old in-studio podcasts though. The live shows often don't allow enough time to really dig into the movie, instead spending half the show on introductions, commercials, and audience participation. This episode was the perfect example of that. Though I understand why they keep rolling with the live shows.
  9. Yeah it's basically lawnmower man meets Face/Off
  10. ElieB

    Knowing (2009)

    Haha this one is from his other future premonition movie on netflix called Next. It's a pretty awful combination of balding + mullet... But as a bald defender, I say nay to the wig idea.
  11. ElieB

    Good Movies Recommendations

    I liked Arrival and respect that it was quality hard sci-fi. But I still far prefer Interstellar for its scope, production value, soundtrack & characters. Arrival relies far too much on suspense, mystery and reveal to the point of losing any rewatchability once you know the twists. It's also just a one woman show... The rest of the cast is given too little to do and given no development or stakes. Also thought the soundtrack was appropriate but totally underwhelming.
  12. ElieB

    Knowing (2009)

    Guys, I rewatched this last night with a friend who was hungry for more crazy cage post-vampire's kiss. It's as Good-bad as I remember or even better. It's a great example of confused, stressed, and angry Nic Cage from start to finish. And the story just gets crazier and crazier till the very end, much in the same way as vampire's kiss but with a slightly more rational plot. But MOST importantly: This movie was directed by Alex Proyas, director of GODS OF EGYPT! It was his last directorial effort prior to GOE, 7 years apart. Which makes total sense now. They both have this oddly literal, though idiosyncratic, interpretation of religious pantheon and scripture. Edit: Also, Proyas directing somehow manages to get Rose Byrne to match Cage's crazyness yell-for-yell towards the end of the movie. That alone is something to witness.
  13. ElieB

    Good Movies Recommendations

    Got into a natural disaster movie kick this week and did some deep digging for fresh selections cause there really aren't that many good ones. My search veered off into post-apocalypse suggestions and I came across this, apparently made for tv, movie called 'The Day After' from 1983. Seems to have a massive cast, including the 'Gute' Steve Guttenberg and John Lithgow, following all kinds of interconnecting stories. Watching it now and I'm super into it. The combination of easy, simple 70's life and he onset of nuclear apocalypse is beautiful. Including a ton of totally non-CGI missile launches. God I envy baby boomers in spite of my smartphone and internet addiction.
  14. ElieB

    The Lawnmower Man (1992)

    Hah! That.is.TERRIBLE. Internets, "cyberspace" and computer generated graphics in the 90's... they're just so embarrassing to look back on. Looking up the imdb page for LM2 took me down a rabbit hole of bad movies. Molly Shannon plays a homeless person in this? Someone should write a thesis on the inappropriate use of homeless people as comic relief characters in film. That ain't right.
  15. ElieB

    Son of the Mask (2005)

    Ok... I just happened across the most fucked up person on the internet and felt I had to share it. This seemed like the most appropriately related place to put this. http://onemaskfitsall.deviantart.com/gallery/ This sick bastard has been altering famous womens' photos for 3 years in the exact same way: making their faces green like the mask... I'm completely dumbfounded by this. Please, enjoy responsibly.
  16. ElieB

    The Lawnmower Man (1992)

    Oh man, saw this for the first time couple months ago. Won't be rewatching it hahaha, once was enough for one lifetime. I expect a lot of "I can't even" from June (if she's on this episode) Did jeff fahey give anyone else uncontrollable Drop Dead Fred flashbacks? (DDF came out a year before, had to check that.)
  17. ElieB

    Eagle Eye (2008)

    Confession: I enjoyed this movie. But I've also got a big soft gushy spot in my heart for Shia. & Rosario Dawson Sure, it's a little crazy but I think it's interesting that this came out years ahead of Snowden blowing the lid off the NSA... Not that big brother stuff was fresh and original in 2008 but its application to the plot combined with out-of-control AI tropes was pretty neat. Basically an movie length episode of black mirror with Shia. Edit: Ruh-roh, existing thread, this'll get merged.
  18. ElieB

    Trailer Talk

    Seeing GotG opening weekend with a packed audience of nerds was one of the best theater-going experiences I've ever had. And I go to the theater a lot. Even though I've seen it several times and still love it, that first experience with that crowd was just amazing and really elevated the movie itself. Every joke is that much better with a big part of the audience laughing hysterically even if this or that joke didn't land as well with you yourself. So that really helped with the Drax and groot jokes. Alternatively, opening weekend for Dr.Strange wasn't even remotely the same, most jokes still fell flat. That was the best barometer to tell me I wasn't crazy in thinking it was a poor effort from marvel.
  19. ElieB

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    I wanna know how the pigeon's feathers ended up scattered all over his apartment. I mean, if he's just being a vampire, all he's gotta do is bite it and suck out the blood but it's as if he shook it around in his teeth like an attack dog or shot the pigeon with a shotgun and it exploded.
  20. ElieB

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Hahaha I think King of Spayeds just cracked the case. Our poor lovelorn, oddly accented and self-righteous "hero" was just being trolled by some bored vampires in the big apple. So all the time he's giving Alva the worthless garbage treatment, he's on the receiving end of lady vampire's similar treatment. The big hint being the nightclub scene where one second lady-vampire is pretending to be concerned that he's legit crazy, and as soon as he's out of sight she shares a mischievous look with her vampire-Bo and they both laugh hysterically. I mean, they could just be laughing at a crazy person, it's not out of character with the movie, but I'm on board with the gas-lighting vampires theory.
  21. ElieB

    Trailer Talk

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 [media=''] [/media] First, I'm not sure how I feel about them re-using Hooked on a Feeling to soundtrack the sequel trailer. That was a bit disappointing. But second, I really love this trailer. Maybe just because it's the 1st trailer or maybe because they actually know better, but they don't actually give away anything about the plot or villain and almost every clip in the trailer is a really tight close-up shot. So it doesn't reveal any of the major set pieces or plot twists. All it gives are tiny morsels of eye-candy and character design. It's perfect. I avoid most trailers because they're all so damn spoilery these days and this was refreshing. Re: Beauty & the Beast*, Obvy it should have been Gal Gadot. Gadot 4 all the lady parts. Errr, you know what im saying. (Just trolling, couldn't be bothered with live-action fairy tales and Emma Watson's clearly gorgeous)
  22. ElieB

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Watched 2003's 'The Core' recently cause love me some bad scifi. & it's like they based the character Rat on the entire Hackers cast. This clip is a huge rip off but I love it. [media=''] [/media]
  23. ElieB

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    I'm really upset by how many people took this terrible movie so seriously. I get it, trumpers won and its upsetting and everything is terrible and sensitivity is turned up to 11. I feel bad that some of you took alva's plight to heart but take it easy. This movie was made a generation ago. It was deliberately made as a shocking horror-comedy and it doesn't actually include or depict a rape... (see Cakebug's post above.) He rips her shirt, goes to bite her neck and she faints. He bites/hickey's her neck for another 5 seconds and then tries to kill himself. Far, far worse is shown in film and television frequently. Is he an abusive asshole to Alva all movie long? Yes. But are we supposed to be rooting for him? NO. Cage is the monster and the butt of the joke this entire movie! His decent into madness is what all the humor derives from. He's not a hero to be praised. He's a paragon of narcissism and mania... The creators and actors aren't normalizing abuse and rape. At worst they're poking fun at the mentally challenged but get over it, it was the 80's and he's a fictional character. I'm pretty sure past HDTGM movies have delved into far worse than making fun of a particularly disturbed individual and a particularly hapless, though incompetent, women being abused by her employer. I know, it's sad, she's such a typical victim and she clearly feels so powerless and ashamed. But come on, I refuse to believe that enjoying this movie makes me some kind of rape-apologist. There's so much more to this movie than that... It's surrealist and Cage-insanity at it's peak. Every scene and acting decision not involving Alva is hysterical. All the background details and extras are phenomenal. His whole lifestyle post-insanity is amazing. The couch-coffin? Genius. Catching and eating a pigeon, feathers strewn about the apartment? Love it. Shouting 'I love you' and immediately retching. Made me spit-take. Et Cetera. (I realize this basically reads like a 2nd opinion) I never imagined I'd have to defend this crazy bad movie here. I loved it, and I'll leave you all with a hearty 'Boo-HOOOO'
  24. ElieB

    The Net (1995)

    Haha I kinda like this movie. I think some things were ahead of their time for 1995 like Sandy ordering her dominos pizza online on this awesome website lol. It's 1995, pick up a phone weirdo. But it also made me hate Dennis Miller for all time. Not that I was a big fan of his to begin with. I was 10 when this came out.
  25. ElieB

    Episode 147.5 - Minisode 147.5

    Holy shit thank you. That was pure gold. Knowing that Cage finds his own performance just as crazy and hilarious as we do is so heartwarming. This must be my favorite bad flick.