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    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Hmmm 1. Critics 2. Women 3. Marvel/Disney conspiracy
  2. ElieB

    Nine Lives (2016)

    Oh wow, good for them. June would be pleased... i think lol
  3. ElieB

    Nine Lives (2016)

    This review is mind blowing hahaha
  4. ElieB

    Dirty Grandpa (2016)

    I for one enjoyed some trademark Zouks and old man deniro making non-PC jokes even if they weren't necessarily clever.
  5. God i love how ubiquitous Sam Jackson has become. Dude is in literally everything. But I'll watch this for ruby rose alone.
  6. ElieB

    Ask Paul!

    ^ Seems like a question for the Zouks. He's a known Harry potter fan.
  7. ElieB

    Fantastic Four (2015)

    PSA for the folks who nominated this trash heap, The Flop House podcast just released an episode on it.
  8. ElieB

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    Oh shit! The Flop House just released a live FF4 episode. Kinda short episode at just under an hour but should be great.
  9. ElieB

    Suicide Squad (2016)

    *SPOILERS* I mean, sure. Fantastic 4 was a funnier mess of a movie. But This one isn't so far off dude. The actors might not have been the problem but it was still a total trash fire of directing, editing, soundtracking, writing... And the joker was fucking terrible. Not that it mattered to the movie cause he barely qualified as a subplot. I think he had like 5 lines all movie long and laughed once. He should be an asshole that just doesn't shut up. Granted he did this thing where he never closed his dumb gaping mouth but he wasn't ever saying anything, just making this stupid catfish face. Did he even kill anyone himself? Third act was boring as fuck. The harmless footclan style canon fodder and portal to the sky machine were beyond cliche. Every character is a massive stereotype, whether or not theyre based on source material doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter how close the characters were to source material if the overall movie is sloppy, lazy, and just total nonsense from beginning to end. Their "mission" never makes any sense and you don't even know what these footclan things are until theyve smoked about a 100 of them. One liners were pretty bad. Just about every good joke was in the trailers. The way it wants to be a gritty dark humour flick is totally contradicted by being a pg13 hackjob so it can't even commit to what its obviously trying to do. The script couldnt even follow its own internal logic most of the time... Things like headshotting bubble monsters to kill them and then saying how do you kill these things that don't even go down with headshots. What?? So yeah, I'd rather laugh at a bunch of half-committed 20-somethings sleepwalk thru a terrible FF4 script but Suicide Squad isn't all that better.
  10. Holy fuck that made me sooo sooo SAD. Not just that she's so deeply and openly obsessed but that she's surrounded by just dismissive family that think shes a freak. (To be fair when she slathered a pizza in mayonnaise I absolutely sided with her bullying family.)
  11. I mean, he kinda was, until he wasn't. I forget what the exact story was there but it was very entertaining. But if that's not the movie in question I'd love to know what is. I love a neighbours movie. Also i strongly encourage everyone to revisit all the Anton Yelchin movies they can get their hands on. He really was a fantastic actor. I think Charlie Bartlett could be my favorite highschool movie. His recent Green Room is a great horror survival pic. Of course I love me some star trek and terminator salvation but he has a lot of heart in everything he does. I'm looking forward to catching up on his back catalog of movies I'd never seen like Odd thomas, Broken Horses, the Driftless Area, House of D, Along came a Spider. I might even watch him acting next to Mel Gibson in the Beaver. If you're feeling especially generous you can watch him acting next to patron saint of HDTGM Nic Cage in possibly his worst movie of all time, the Dying of the Light.
  12. When I first saw this in the theater, there were countless audible "WTFs" and "What is happening!?s" all muddling together. It was kind of hilarious. (I was one of them.) It also doesn't help that it's the first real action scene in the movie and it happens like an hour into the film, terrrrrible screenplay... Also the fight choreography was for SHIT in that scene. Baddie extras were literally walking up to their marks seconds before taking the blows. Just awful, but I chalk it up to being a dream sequence, you know how dreams are just funny that way? That whole sequence would have made so much more sense in retrospect *Spoilers* IF Lois had died in the final climax. That way it would set up the dream sequence as an actual vision of the future. The way the film actually ends gives us absolutely zero reason to believe Superman will turn on the JL.
  13. Yeah, I've been semi-watching it while doing some other work so not fully paying attention. 1h15 in and very little different. Few extra 30sec bits here and there but nothing game changing.
  14. Here's that big dumb greek Parthenon cake at Lex's party.
  15. ElieB

    Cell (2016)

    President of the internet!!! hahahahaah Ohhhh man. I took this movie half-way seriously until that happened. lol he's like a caricature of millennials drawn by a grumpy old fart. I feel like there was a decent scifi premise here that could have made for an interesting movie if it revolved around both the people who created it and some survivors, instead it just focused on the two elderly survivors and it felt more like an allegory of a failed cellphone obsessed generation.
  16. ElieB

    Episode 137.5 - Minisode 137.5

    YESSSSS I fucking love this Bad Movie! I think I saw it twice in theatres on two separate(but equal) 'go see a bad movie' dates. It's an excellent choice. I'm often nagging about wanting HDTGM to do more recent movies and this is a great pick. Thanks Paul! Or whoever it was made the pick... I can see June written all over this.
  17. ElieB

    Chappie (2015)

    Quasar gets it. I was really upset this movie had such bad reception. People took it waaaaaay too seriously because nerds who are into artificial intelligence can only handle it one way: serioussssss. This was a fucking scifi-COMEDY. Total homage to the original robocop. Infact it's a better reboot of Robocop than the actual reboot because it understands the tone. Satirizing futurism. AMAZING soundtrack. Great pacing. Surprisingly emotional when the robot is the most sympathetic character(part of the satire). Fantastic visual effects. One of the best scifi movies that year and it just got tossed in the trash by critics who couldn't recognize a joke when they saw one. And I mean saw, cause there's a lot of visual humour.
  18. ElieB

    Outland (1981)

    I was planning to watch this soon! Expecting it to be good though lol. Heard it shared a lot of production crew with Alien and the effects were great. But seeing connery with a police badge doesnt add up hahaha
  19. ElieB

    Victor Frankenstein (2015)

    Hahahah I will shamefully admit to having seen this in theatre on cheap night. Boy was that a mistake. I think I left right in the midst of the climactic battle or confrontation with the monster so I could catch a bus... It's so hard to remember anything about this very forgettable movie though. I remember laughing at the movie, thinking the soundtrack was so exaggerated and outdated, thinking i usually dislike macavoy but that this was the worst overacting I'd ever seen. Also that Igor was actually the hero of the movie and frankenstein was a psycho serial killer lol which would have been cool if the movie was actually dark rather than slapstick and weird.
  20. ElieB

    Lucy (2014)

    Yes, fucking garbage. But such wonderful, magnificent garbage.
  21. ElieB

    Guests I'd Love To Hear of HDTGM

    Lauren Lapkus AND Mary Holland, please. That is all. Recently on twitter I pitched a gender-swapped remake of Weird Science starring the two of them and they were both really into it! Something tells me that won't get made anytime soon but it would be a great movie for them to guest on. (Classic good bad movie) ps. if you're curious i rounded out the casting with Rhea Butcher as the older brother/sister in bill paxton's role and figured Franco was a natural pick for the made-man.
  22. ElieB

    Pan (2015)

    Holy shit I have dismissed this movie as just your run-of-the-mill trash since it came out. That smells like teen spirit clip just blew my fucking mind... Even reading the title I figured 'oh this must be some funny mashup' NOPE. PURE BANANAS. Whart?!
  23. ElieB

    Lucy (2014)

    Yessssssss a million times yes. This movie will not be ignored! Morgan Freeman expounding the pseudo-science of "maybe this is how the brain works, but who knows?" will be heard! Every part of this movie is insane from a film-plot perspective. Just scene after scene of wtf. I had such a good time dissecting this movie with a friend. It gave me a brain-full-of-fuck, know what I mean? It defies completely logical explanation but you just can't look away. I would so rather they do a recent movie like this over some 30 year old piece of trash from the 80s.
  24. ElieB

    Summer Movie League. Year 2?

    Sometimes yeah, seems that way. I wasn't around for previous years but I think what Ryan describes sounds way funner. Like just picking a fantasy team for the long play and see who wins the season. The way it's set up now favors whoever has more time to data-mine the shit out of all the theatre count stats and trends. Blegh. It's still fun but so frustrating!
  25. ElieB

    Hardcore Henry (2016)

    I was in top10 until this Henry disaster bumped me out hahaha, now I'm a good $50M back of first. Now I'm a lowly 11th