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    EPISODE 115 — Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

    Long time listener first time caller. I have couple corrections/omissions.... Did anyone else notice that the Hoff and the Ziering never seem to be in the same scene together? I first noticed it in a scene where they are walking in a group. They are talking to each other and based on everyone’s position they should be walking side by side. There are several weirdly shots were the cameraman seems to struggle with that. I don't know if they had filming issues or if they just straight up don't like each other. In the slow walk to the shuttle Fin is alone. Typically in this trope we see the entire crew. While in the shuttle this continues, the only shots of them together are from behind and we don't see their faces. I think this is why the Hoff gives the "Visors down" line so he can get up and pass by Fin. After that I kind of tuned the movie out for a bit. I have only seen Sharknado 3 once so I haven't been able to go back and check if this is consistent through the whole movie. Were they together in the Cafe scene? I don't remember. I will check IMDB and post if I find more info. Fin's space suit is horrible. It's a jumpsuit with shoulder pads. What use are shoulder pads in space? And I am surprised no one else has said it....
  2. ChrisPurvis

    The Last Dragon (1985)

    As a child of the 80s and a frequent bad movie watcher I was surprised I had never heard of this gem. My wife just introduced it to me, as it was a staple for her growing up. 1985 's The Last Dragon is amazing. It is Karate Kid meets Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Please, Please HDTGM you need to do is movie. It will change your lives. IMDb: The Last Dragon (1985) http://imdb.com/rg/an_share/title/title/tt0089461/ Watch Trailer