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  1. harrybarrylarry

    Thank You Harris

    I couldn't agree more. I listened to CBB first, but Analyze Phish is basically what got me hooked on podcasts. I probably wouldn't have survived law school or ever contemplated paying $19.99 for a Phish concert livestream without Harris. RIP and much love to Scott and everyone else who knew Harris personally.
  2. harrybarrylarry

    Episode 115 — Bizarro

    I just wanted to add my post to the multitudes of others remembering the genius of Harris. This ep is a stone-cold classic, possibly the best Whoch of all-time. When was the last time an episode ran for almost two hours? RIP Harris, thank you for endlessly making this podcast fan laugh in inappropriate places.
  3. harrybarrylarry

    EPISODE 219 — Live From Cobb's Comedy Club

    Great ep, can't wait for the Twoch tour. Big shout-out to Stard and his guitar tone - don't know what the set-up was, but that Stardocaster sounded delicious.