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  1. DavidFrederick

    Episode 36 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    Hard disagree. CONAF isn't meant to be an in-depth interview, it's supposed to be him bantering with his guest. If this one was more one-sided, it might have been because Julia was somewhat reserved and Conan had to talk more. I still thought it was a good episode.
  2. DavidFrederick

    Episode 25 - Jimmy Kimmel

    Not sure why I enjoy Conan dunking on Gourley so much, maybe because I know Matt can totally take it.
  3. DavidFrederick

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    Please note: I will be voting for this as all top 10 episodes of 2019.
  4. DavidFrederick

    Episode 21 - Nicole Byer

    I read your post and then listened to the episode and have two words for you: Overreact much? Nicole's comments don't come anywhere near misandry, gender/ethnicity disparaging, or hate-filled. As a fellow white male, you need to get over yourself, bro.
  5. DavidFrederick

    Episode 20 - Ben Stiller

    Agreed. More Conan and Gourley improv segments, please.
  6. DavidFrederick

    Episode 594 - Now It's Time For A Breakdown

    And now it's a time for a breakdown of the early contenders for the best of 2019!
  7. DavidFrederick

    Episode 589 - Werewolfwithal

    I fear our dear boy Patton is more likely to be cast as Woozy Winks than Plas himself.
  8. DavidFrederick

    Episode 554 - Educainment Squad

    Tommy Middle-D + Hooray = "Best Of"-worthy ep
  9. DavidFrederick


    Where's the Harry Potter podcast, bro?
  10. DavidFrederick

    Fanclub Singles (1988-1998)

    I think Scott and Scott need to do a Radiohead podcast next.
  11. DavidFrederick

    Citizen Kane

    I'd like to add that--as someone who's seen Citizen Kane at least 10 times--I really appreciated Amy's and Paul's comments about the film. I never caught the fire motif and hadn't really appreciated the movie's use of sound until now. I'm excited for future podcasts, especially for the movies I've seen.
  12. DavidFrederick

    Citizen Kane

    Which AFI list are Paul and Amy using--the original or the 10th anniversary edition from 2007? And why didn't AFI make a 20th anniversary edition? EDIT: Just listened to the preview--it's the 2007 list. But my second question remains--where's the 2017 edition? And what films from 2006 to 2015 got shortchanged by the lack of a 20th anniversary addition?
  13. DavidFrederick

    Episode 543 - The 9th Anniversary Show!

    So many classic gems in this one... I'd like to see a "Wiki P.D." procedural show. Definitely a best-of candidate.
  14. DavidFrederick

    Episode 540 - Low Five

    I was on the fence about this "Jon Hamm" character until he said, "I beg your pardon, I love a Charleston Chew." P.S. I will be voting for this one at year end. I doubt anyone else cares, but this is a note to myself. Zack Reino getting Donny Drapes and PFT to talk about Pokemon for 30 minutes puts it over the top.
  15. DavidFrederick

    Episode 532 - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful

    I haven't even gotten to the other guests yet and this is already a very moving, top-notch C+ episode. Great job, Stephanie and Scott!