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  1. DavinaReneeDavis

    Hard Nation Takeover

    The Hard Brothers, worth even a re-listen, always!!!
  2. "It's not a latte, it's A LATE. Liberals always trying to make things French". Snort laugh.
  3. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 33 - Abraham Lincoln Invented the Car (w/ Beth Appel)

    "Trump's transition team, including Guy Fieri..."
  4. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 457 - Prepare for the Quake

    This made me miss Topics so very much.
  5. DavinaReneeDavis


    OH I am so excited for this!!!!
  6. The spunkiest president....dying.
  7. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 64 - The Final Show

    Awwww...noooo! Where will I find celebs disagreeing with me on novels like Girls (except Allison...way to go out on a positive note, A!)
  8. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 63 - Book Club - The Girls: A Novel

    I loved this book...the author so intimately knows the feelings of a pubescent girl it took my breath away.
  9. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 57 - Our Souls At Night

    Great discussion, beautiful book. Even for someone who generally loves flowery prose, the scarcity of words in this was perfect. I loathe Gene.
  10. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 403 - This Ain't Now, This is Then

    Adam Cordero. "You piece of shit". I just lost it.
  11. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 41 — Friendship

    Did they come to an 80 percent resolution? Did I miss the "ding-ding"....not sure what percentage to discuss with my study group????
  12. DavinaReneeDavis

    Episode 40 — Music

    Very powerful observation.