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  1. Can't truly express how much I want another Scott and Scott podcast
  2. orange8

    HOWL - NEW iOS App

    It's ok apart from all the aforementioned complaints. The pausing and remembering where I was thing is vital though - soundcloud app will always remember. Also wasn't Howl supposed to be ad-free? or did I imagine that? at the moment it's still a lot easier just to use the soundcloud app for non-premium CBB, HH eps, I'm afraid.
  3. orange8

    New band podcast?

    Same! I always go to UTU2TM when I'm feeling down, it's so reliably comforting. Theraputic, almost. Listened to each episode at least 3 or 4 times now. 'This is Good Rock 'n Roll, uh, Music' would be my choice. I've noticed that UTU2TM's soundcloud has 828k followers, is this just people looking for U2? CBB has 37k...
  4. S&S have mentioned that they may move on to a different band now that they've pretty much finished UTU2TM. REM were mentioned, though I'd much prefer The Smiths or just a general music podcast, maybe a particular era?
  5. orange8

    EPISODE 367 — Bits, Riffs, and Friendships

    Scott didn't seem to be joking when he mentioned that Tim's production company gets £40,000 per episode and that he himself gets barely anything in comparison. It seemed like a genuine bone of contention and the reason Tim isn't on CBB as much. I've always wondered just how rich Tim Heidecker is, his production company does seem to do a lot. Is he a legit millionaire?
  6. orange8

    HOWL Premium, HOWL Originals, HOWL.FM

    Howl.fm does not work on any android browser, I've tried all the browsers on 3 different android phones. It is unbelievably bad, I don't mean it's poorly designed, I mean it literally does not function. I've never seen anything like it. And obviously there's no android app. Because, despite more people using android, iphone users are seen as superior and more affluent. I've been paying for howl for a few weeks now and it is impossible for me to access it on my Samsung S5. No doubt when the half baked app finally comes out it will be full of flaws too, like the old Earwolf app that would constantly pause spontaneously and then just stopped working.
  7. orange8

    So how long...

    I can't believe the news today, still no new ep. Does anyone else check first thing on wednesday morning?
  8. Sorry to be a buzz kill but having James Adomain in every episode of all the Earwolf podcasts from now on is ridiculous and frankly unfeasible.
  9. orange8

    So how long...

    I'm sure they mentioned they were going to go to both shows (before 3 more dates were added) the first of those 2 was last night and the second is tonight amirite?
  10. orange8

    I think I genuinely like U2 now

    Yeah, after calling them the musical equivalent of Monsanto I must dmit that I now have four U2 songs on my phone.
  11. orange8

    We will miss you Harris

    I'm devastated. He had an incredible list of achievements for a 30 year old but it's the effortlessness that's really striking. It seems like he was just so naturally funny and likeable that he could have this amazing career without really doing anything much other than being himself - a super relaxed, silly, stoner dude type.
  12. orange8

    Will We Get a Farts and Procreation 4?!

    Chelsea's special comes out on the 14th. I'd be surprised if Farts and Proc 4 didn't drop tomorrow.
  13. Came here to ask the same thing. Idle speculation: affair, birth of secret love child, biopsy results, death of a family member, new job, possibly some kind of big drug deal, mum keeps ringing for IT support, he's sponsoring someone who just had a relapse and keeps ringing him, he just had a relapse and keeps ringing his sponsor.
  14. Ahh, yeah 9/11 went over my head. Figuratively speaking. To be fair, I like a couple of songs from the 80's.
  15. Can somebody explain how U2 are viewed in America? In Britain, they are a punchline. Coldplay and Mumford are punchlines as well but they're seen as empty corporate vessels aimed at people who don't like music. U2 are on another level, Bono in particular is seen as unbelievably egotistical prick. If Coldplay are McDonalds then U2 are Monsanto. I don't think any other musician in history has inspired so much genuine hatred and venom as Bono. I haven't actually listened yet but I'm assuming they're genuine fans, without irony.