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  1. It was so hilarious to me that they kept referring to each other as Edge and Bono. I know that's been their names for so long but I assumed that childhood friends would call each other David and Paul.


    Also, all of their accents are so lovely


    Bono and Edge aren't some stage names they came up with when they started the band. They are nicknames that their friends gave them. Bono's 2 best friends outside of the band are a guy named Guggi and Gavin Friday, also nicknames. They were friends as teens and both of those guys were in a band called the Virgin Prunes with the Edge's older brother Dik.

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  2. Can somebody explain how U2 are viewed in America?


    In Britain, they are a punchline. Coldplay and Mumford are punchlines as well but they're seen as empty corporate vessels aimed at people who don't like music. U2 are on another level, Bono in particular is seen as unbelievably egotistical prick. If Coldplay are McDonalds then U2 are Monsanto. I don't think any other musician in history has inspired so much genuine hatred and venom as Bono.


    I haven't actually listened yet but I'm assuming they're genuine fans, without irony.


    Sounds like it's just your opinion and the echo chamber of hanging out with only like-minded people.